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Pictures speak volumes, or so they say, and we couldn’t agree more. A photo of a beautiful sunset, or a brilliant landscape is not only pleasing to the eye, but also brings back refreshing memories of when you captured the photo.

You could even say that a good snap, can even be your pride, and the cause of jealousy among your friends, who would be wishing, if only they had clicked a picture.

What makes a photo a good one? There are several factors which contribute to this, especially the hardware, aka the camera. You need a good camera with a quality lens, or a nice smartphone camera with an impressive sensor, to click a good picture. Next is the aperture of the camera, for this is what captures the key element in a photo, light.

With the right aperture, you wouldn’t need to use the LED Flash. In fact, many professional photgraphers recommend to not use the LED Flash, while taking a photo, as the artificial light created during the flash, ruins the photo, with unnatural color saturation, and very noticeable noise. This is why you should always take pictures at the right placem and moment, where plenty of light is available.

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But the thing with photography, is that it has now become entirely digital. And you know what this means, advanced editing using graphic designing software. Not every photo you see in presentations and press events, have the actual content in them at all.

Most such content are graphically enhanced by combining multiple images, to form one beautiful picture. This process of cutting parts of an image, and gluing it to another, in a rearranged and dramatic manner, is called Photo montage. This is more commonly known as photoshopped or photoshopping, and the effect itself is sometimes referred to as just a shopped image.

But professionals call it as compositing, and we like it that way. Now, compositing an image is not as easy as it sounds. Fire up your graphic design software and try to create a photomontage, and you will know what we are talking about.

So how do people create these montages? Is it some kind of magic? No, absolutely not. Most companies, spend a considerable amount of money to advertise their products in creative wasy, aka marketing. And montages are a good way to do so, you can easily picture it by imaging a 3-Dimensional render of a phone with an artistic background, that literally stands out. These are achieved by manual work, which takes a lot of hours, not to mention incredible talent at drawing, especially using digital software.

But there is a much simpler way to create montages, without being an expert in graphic design. Meet CutOut Standard, a professional photomontage software from FRANZIS, who are renowned for their Projects line up of software.

The interface of Cutout Standard is really cool, with a dark background theme, and 3D icons for folders, which makes it easy to use. The UI of the software consists of three sections. A sidebar on the left, a right pane which is where you will view the pictures, and do the editing work. There is a toolbar on top of the right pane.

Let’s analyze these in detail, shall we?

The sidebar on the left serves one purpose, navigating the folders on your hard drive. You can click on a folder name to select it, and doing so will change the right pane’s view to display the contents of the selected folder. Back on the sidebar, you can click on the arrow to the left of the folder’s name, to expand the directory and list all the sub folders. You can also use it to create new folders, and mark folders as favorites, for quick navigation.

The right pane will also list the subfolders, and more importantly, it is where you will see the files in the folders. Images are displayed as thumbnails, so you can quickly preview the photo content without even clicking on them. Right-clicking anywhere on the right pane lets you use the context menu to view, edit a photo, as well as selecting Chromakey, and edge matting options. You can rotate selected images clockwise and counterclock wise directions, or even rotate all images in the folder with a single click, using the EXIF tag option.

You can also use the right-click menu to rename, convert, delete, copy, cut or paste files, and also view the properties of a file, create a new folder or refresh the current folder. Double click on an image, to view the photo. Move your mouse to the right or left edges of the picture to move to the next or previous picture. like in a slide show. CutOut has a neat fade out transition when switching between images.

Selecting the edit option brings the Cutout editor. The image viewer is in the center, and towards the left are options for editing the matting for Chromakey and Edge, transform which has rotation, flip, crop, resize, etc, exposure which lets you adjust the gamma level and contrast along with film features like exposure, contrast and dynamic, color temperature, boost/saturation, grain, sharpness color, and finally the enhancement section which allows you to sharpen, blur the image, and also choose from a variety of filters to enhance the image.

Below it is a layers section for adding and deleting layers, and the areas section which lets you select an are for applying masking effects. The history section on the bottom, lists all your edits.

Using these features, you can cut out a selection from an image, for example a TV or Computer, and add it to a different image, like a park bench or a tree, if you are feeling whimsical. You can of course use it for professional purposes like adding your company’s logo, to a picture featuring your office building in the background. Or maybe a picture of your team, taken in the meeting room, and paste it to look as if they are working outdoors.

We used a picture of a forest, and used Cutout Standard, to remove a tree from it. It looks really cool, doesn’t it?


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