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What is the first thing you think of, when you hear the word Photography? If you answered Light, you are absolutely right. Without light, there will be no photos. For it is the essence of all images.

A camera captures what you see, through its lens which lets in light to flow through its aperture, for top notch photographs. For this you may use a basic lens, or a professional one. But if you don’t have natural lighting, you opt for artificial ones using LED Flash or dedicated lamps.

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But this may not always be possible. I mean, how can you carry portable lights with you all the time? And hence naturally, you tend to take photos with whatever option is available at hand, usually a mobile phone. While some phones do have great cameras, not every one does.

And so the images you take may have quite a bit of noise in them. What is noise? Don’t answer saying that it is a loud annoying sound. Instead, it is visual Noise, which forms a grainy pattern in images, resulting in blurry quality pictures or dull photos. This is usually more noticeable in pictures taken in low light.

How do you fix a noisy image? Is it at all possible. Why yes, it is absolutely possible to polish a noisy image, with the help of DENOISE Projects Professional. Quite an apt name for the software, wouldn’t you agree?

The interface of DENOISE Projects is similar to HDR Projects. It is a simple, pleasantly designed and non distractive GUI. You have your basic file actions at your disposal at the File menu. You can quickly load any image and edit them, while also having the option to save your edits as a .denoiseproject file.

You can save your final image in one of the following formats: TIF(8-bit), TIFF(16-bit,) PNG, JPG and JP2. The latter three are 16-bit formats.

The Edit menu allows for RAW processing and Post Procssing. Support for RAW image editing is very important, because it allows for a greater amount of editing options, which in turn results in a high definition image. The options available under RAW processing includes White balance, Denoising/Sharpness, Colour balance, Exposure, Detail, Colour, Palette and Distortion.

The Post Processing options are a bit different, as it has a lot of presets for various ISO settings (which can be changed in the left sidebar). The most optimal one is chosen by default (based on the image), and is displayed at the top. You do however, have tons of options and filters to choose from too. The great deal of manual controls is really amazing.

On the right sidebar, you have a magnifying glass which shows a preview of the part of the image which you have placed the cursor on, along with a Noise version (original image), so you know how well your chosen options have improved the quality the image.

Just above the magnifying glass, are two options: Finalise and Expert. The former displays the informaytion about the ISO quality of the image (both original and edited), and lets you choose which areas to not denoise, what color should be denoised, the brightness for the various colors (RGB), and more.

The expert mode has several filters for denoising the dull areas and colors, as well as some very cool special effects. These are basically the actual Post Processing filters, which you have on the left sidebar panel, but more control over the manual settings. The zoom bar in the toolbar above the editor, is quite useful to see the image in its original resolution, with finer details.

The View menu has some advanced information such as the photo’s EXIF info (metadata), the histogram, and also lets you toggle the Full screen view.

The Extras menu allows you to process to images in batches, which is very useful for working with multiple photos. It also lets you pick the preparation values for the color space conversion, white balance, and temperature.

Take a look at the following image, look how blurry it is. Compare it with the above one, which is the result of the brilliance of DENOISE Projects Professional.

DENOISE Projects Professional coupon

It converted the dull and grainy image to a really sharp one.

DENOISE supports the following products by default and allows you to install its plugins for the same:

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can install the products at anytime, and then install the required plugins manually. But to be honest, DENOISE Projects Professional itself is a very powerful image editor, and you can also use it to open photos with other programs.

Buy DENOISE Projects Professional at a very affordable price, with our exclusive discount code. You don’t need to be an expert to polish your photos. Let DENOISE Projects Professional do the job for you, regardless of whether you are a Windows or a Mac user.