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Sometimes, to take an extraordinary picture, you may not need high end equipment, or even great skills behind the camera. You just need to know how to sharpen the image.

This is done through various ways such as increasing the exposure, adjusting the position, etc. But one key element lies right before you, can you guess it? Yes, focusing is just as important as the photo’s contents.

Imagine a beatiful setting, let’s say a retro phone, or electronic item, and you have the oppurtunity to take some good photos of it. And your phone’s camera didn’t do its job perfectly, and the images saved to the gallery were stuck with various blurry objects, which were not in focus.

How do you fix this? You will not need to worry, when you have FOCUS Projects at your disposal.

Ok, first of all let me say that if you want to work with multiple focusing methods, you will need to have a set of photos (say 5) of the same subject or scene, each with a different focusing layers. This is to ensure that there is a continuity in the images.

Franzis FOCUS Projects Professional Coupon Code

Let’s discuss focusing methods a bit, as they are the key here. There are a couple of things which you need to be aware of. The first one is called Macro Focus. You may have heard of this before, as this technique is used to capture a photo, with a single small subject in the foreground, while the background is blurred. This method is used to click pictures of insects (sitting on leaves, walls, trees etc), a flower of a plant, and other smaller objects.

The second one is foreground and background focusing of bigger subjects. You either focus on the subject in the front, or something in the background. The trick here is the rest of the picture, is blurred, which makes the subject in focus really stand out in a special way. So now that you know how focusing works, lets discuss how FOCUS Projects can help you get better images.

Say you have five photos of two apples, which are placed at different focal lengths (one near, and one a little bit further). Each of those photos have different focusing layers. So, one photo could have one apple in focus, another focusing on the other apple, while the other three may be quite unfocused and dull.

You can use these images as a sequence, to get one single better picture. What FOCUS Projects does, is it uses these to create a sharper final image. Of course, you have a lot of manual settings to tinker with.

First, let’s look at the UI of FOCUS Projects. It is identical to the rest of Franzis software, and really simplistic and distraction free. The file menu houses your standard file operations, including loading image sequences, creating, saving and loading your project files (plant.focusProject). The final result can be saved in one of the following formats: TIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, JP2, EXR, HDR, TIF32, PFM.

The exposure bracketing option is really useful, if you wish to have more copies of the photo with varying brightness levels. The image sequence browser is useful, as it acts like a photo viewer, so you can quickly select the ones you want to work with.

The Edit menu of FOCUS Projects has 4 options: RAW PRocessing,Post Processing, Edit Weightings, and Edit Image Sequence. The first one allows for editing the White balance, Denoising/Sharpness, Colour balance, Exposure, Detail, Colour, Palette and Distortion.

Post Processing consists of a lot of preset filters, and you can choose any of them to alter the photo’s effect. The application, by default, chooses the most optimal one for you, the moment, you load an image.

You can use the sidebar on the left to alter some values, or use the sidebar on the right, which has greater and finer controls over the image’s quality.

Edit Weightings, and Edit Image Sequence, allows you choose the Focal settings, i.e., various layers. You can choose from presets, or use the toolbar to highlight the ares you wish to increase the focus on. The brush tool is very useful for this task, and the eraser tool does the opposite.

The view menu houses the Full Screen image viewer, the Exif information of the photo with all its metadata and some UI customization options.

The toolbar which you see below the menu options (in the above screenshot), has many shortcuts to tools like histogram, panorama view, compare window, image sequence viewer and more.

Take a look at the photo below of the apples. They appear a bit dull.

Franzis FOCUS Projects Professional Coupon

And now look at the first screenshot, looks great, doesn’t it? This is the power of FOCUS Projects, as long as you have some decent snaps of the same subject, you can work the magic too.

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