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Snapping a good photo is not an easy task. You need a good camera with a quality lens, good lighting, and of course you need to know how to take a photo with the object in focus, and with a steady hand.

Very often, a slight shake of the hand, or a sudden movement across the scene, ends up turning the photo in a blurry mess. So, the key element in taking a good photo, is good timing. The camera’s shutter speed, that is, how fast it captures the image, also determines whether you actually capture the photo correctly.

Let’s see a popular example of how a good photo is instantly ruined, because of bad timing. Imagine you are standing in front of a famous tourist spot, and you want to take a cool picture, to share with your friends and family. But then something happens, which you did not foresee, and ruins the photo. A person may work across the scene, which you wanted to take a picture of, or a bird could fly across blocking the view, or even cars or buses move across the road, thus leaving you with an annoying image.

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The important thing to do here, is not give up. Some photographers spend hours, or even days to take the perfect photo. You don’t have to wait that long. Just click a series of shots of the location you want, and save them. Once you get to your computer, you will be able to create a magical photo, which is devoid of all the people and objects which were blocking the view.

Is this even possible? Yes, it is absolutely possible. And with modern cameras and smartphone cameras, which support burst images, which is basically a set of photos taken very quickly, this task is easy to accomplish. If you have a series of photos of the scene, with the people or objects in different locations in each photo, this will have portions of the background visible, in different photos, but hidden in some.

Our objective, is to remove the content in the foreground, to get a beautiful image of the background.

But you will need a special software achieve the impossible. Meet Neat Projects, from FRANZIS software, who specialize in photography enhancement applications.

Let’s take a look at the interface of NEAT Projects. It has a drak theme, with a toolbar on top for easy navigation across the various sections.

There is a menubar above the toolbar, and this is where you will start with. Click on the file menu option to start a new Project. You can use the image sequence importer option, to directly add your series of shots to the program.

Or you can browse for image sequences, using the built-in image sequence browser. Please do note that this program is designed to work with images taken from a single point and angle. If the pictures differ slightly buy position, they are not a sequence.

The file menu has a history viewer, which let’s you view the list of images you have worked with in NEAT Projects. You can save the final image in one of the following formats: TIF, TIFF, TIF32, JPG, JP2,PNG, PPM, HDR, EXR, and PFM.

You can open the final result in an external photo viewer or editor, and this includes support for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements. If you want to create exposure bracketing, you can do that from the File menu as well.

The edit menu can be used for accessing the RAW image editor, editing the image sequence, editing the weightings including the motion, and the post processing options.

The view menu has the EXIF information viewer, the historam, and the full screen toggle. You can also customize the UI styling of the program and the font size from this menu.

The Extras menu can be used for batch processing pictures, adjusting the finer details of the image (NOise, Exposure, Whitebalance, Color, etc). It also houses a benchmark tool which can be used to see how well your computer performs when you are editing high quality photos. You can tweak the settings of the program from the Extras menu.

Editing images is no piece of cake, and to err is human. So, you can make use of the restore points, which you can create from the Extras menu. You can fall back to a previous or next restore point using the timeline, which is displayed on the bottom of the UI.

The Information menu can be handy for accessing the list of keyboard shortcuts which are supported by NEAT Projects, and also the list of supported RAW formats (of various cameras).

The toolbar, below the menu bar, houses shortcuts for various features found in the different menus.

NEAT Projects, has the post-processing options loaded on the screen by default. The left sidebar of this section,lets you view the thumbnail of the original photo, and also lists various filters, along with a preview of each one. Clicking on one of the thumbnails, will display the larger size version of the selected image.


The right side bar has a magnifying glass on the top, which can be used to zoom in to a particular portion of the image. It is divided into two areas, before and after, which show the area of the original image and how it looks after changes were made to it.

Below this are options for editing the motion algorithm, the optimisation assustant which can help you in denoising, set tonal value, clarity, dynamic and sharpness settings.

Switching to the RAW processing editor lets you adjust the white balance, denoising/sharpness settings, and also that of the colour balance, exporsure, detail, colour, palette, and distortion.

You can use NEAT Projects in its standalone form, to remove observers and moving objects from a sequential set of images, without using brushes or layers. There is an optional plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, if you prefer to work with those.

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