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Photos are priceless, for they live forever, just like they have been from time immemorial. But what exactly makes a photo special? The obvious answer is the subject. The other answers would be the quality of the camera, the skills of the photographer, the lighting, the colors, etc.

But there is one element, which is more important than them all. The sharpness of a photo, without it, all you have is a blurry mess. You can’t go back to the time you took the picture. So, the only other option is to find a way to make these blurry pictures, look really awesome.

Yes, it is actually possible, and you can thank Sharpen Projects Professional, from Franzis Software for that. Let’s take a look at what the product has to offer.

Sharpen Projects Professional follows suit in all the other products from the company, in terms of the user interface. It is neat, simplistic and distraction free, which gives you an effective way to work with your photos.

Franzis Sharpen Projects Professional Coupon Code

The File Menu allows you to upload images (basically just open them in the program). It also has three other main functions. It allows you to save and open projects in the program’s special format .SharpenProject. The second feature, is the Image Data browser, which kind of is your media library, and has all your photos at the ready, and thus saves time which otherwise would have been wasted by browsing for the pictures from various sub folders.

And last but not the least, the File menu also has a History Viewer, which quickly lets you access the files you have already worked with.

You can save your projects in commonly used image formats such as TIF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and JP2. There is a very useful feature, which allows you to open the images using external programs. And you can also open images in third party image editors including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Adobe Lightroom.

Unlike the editing options in the other Projects software, there is one major difference in Sharpen Projects Professional. You will notice it on the left side of the program, there is no sidebar. In fact, there are no post processing filters, at least there are no presets available.

That’s because you are not going to be adding effects to the photo. You’re going to be improving the sharpness of a blurry picture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have no controls over the sharpness. Look to the right side of the program, and you will see the sidebar with a variety of options.

These are the “Finalise” options, which allow you to edit the Point of interes, Image Sharpness, (Sharpness colour space, blurring reduction) and more.

There is a magnifying glass above the right sidebar. It is very useful, becuae as you move the mouse cursor over the main image in the center of the screen, the glass gives you a magnified look at the before and after comparison (original and sharpened image), of the section under the cursor.

Want an even more detailed comparison? You can get that from the compare window, which can be found from the toolbar above the main screen. There are a lot of useful shortcuts besides it. The comparison window has various view modes, and the comparison area can be resized too. Or if you want it, you can embed it to the left sidebar.

Switch to the RAW Processing editor, which has the following options: White balance, Denoising and Sharpness, Colour balance, Exposure, Detail, Colour, Palette and Distortion.

The View menu has some very interesting options, including the metadata information stored in the EXIF info of photos. Then there is the Full screen image viewer. Additionally, there is the Histogram option, and a few UI customization options as well.

You can use the Extras menu for batch processing images should you have a lot of blurry photos which need to be optimised. It also has a “Preparing Image” option, which lets you set the Color Space Conversion, White Balance and temperature settings.

Franzis Sharpen Projects Professional Coupon

The “Create Restore Point” option is very useful, as it saves the current state of the image and its settings. So in case your editing goes bad, you don’t have to start from the scratch, instead all you need to is revert to a previously created restore point.To do so, use the Timeline option, which is kind of a restore point viewer.

By the way, these two options (Create Restore Point, and Timeline) are also available on the toolbar of the program. Another useful shortcut on the toolbar is the zoom slider on the far right corner.

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