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Glary Registry Repair Pro Coupon Code

Almost every issue in Windows from slow booting or shut down, to a laggy PC, and crashes are often the result of one major headache, a messed up Windows registry. Though it is not the only cause of such issues, it can be a pain to fix.

When you install applications, they create registry entries to perform some functions, or to activate the license which you purchased. But what happens when you uninstall the application in question? Very often, they leave behind remnant files, and worse, registry entries.

This could include start up items such which may call a missing exe, i.e., schedule an application which you have uninstalled to auto run. This is a classic example of what causes a slow start up process. What do you do to fix them? Use a registry cleaner.

Microsoft likes to play the blame game, and pretend that registry cleaners are not required. Let me ask you, what does the company tell you when an application is not working? It asks you to reinstall the application which basically deletes and creates new registry keys. And when your DVD drive is not working? You have to delete a specific registry entry.

But the company is right in a different way. You should not use any registry cleaner you find, you need to use one which is reliable. So, without further ado, say hello to Glary Registry Repair Pro, the answer to all your registry issues.

The interface of Glary Registry Repair Pro is simple looking, and right to the point. The moment you run the program, it will begin scanning the registry on your computer, for errors. You will see the number of issues that were detected by the program, displayed in a large banner on the top of the GUI.

Besides the total number of problems which the program found now, you can also see the number of issues which were fixed today, and the total number of problems detected (all time), and a view history option. This option allows you to see a log of all the issues which were detected and fixed by Glary Registry Repair Pro. This window also has a restore option, which we will explain later.

Back to the banner, there is a rescan option, which will make the program analyze the registry again for new issues. The “repair your registry” button can be used to fix the issues which have been detected.

You can use the side bar in the interface of Glary Registry Repair Pro, to manually select or un-check the specific sections of the registry, which you want to scan for issues and fix them. To unselect all of the selected sections, click on the box next to the “My Computer” listing. Then you can check only the sections you want to scan for. This is mostly intended for advanced users, who know which areas to scan, and save some time instead of running a full scan. But during our tests, we found that even the full scans were incredibly fast. So, you don’t have to uncheck the component scanner at all.

There is another tree in the side panel, called the Deep Scan. This option in Glary Registry Repair Pro, is the highlight of the program, and is exclusive to the premium version of the application. You see, the free version of the program does a good job, but is limited from scanning all of the entries in the registry.

With Glary Registry Repair Pro however, you get the full power of the program, and it can help you fix any and every issue it finds. When you click on the repair button, Glary Registry Repair Pro takes an automatic backup of your registry. Then it fixes the issues it has found. Why is this important?

Many registry cleaner applications don’t take backups before cleaning their detected items, and this results in chaos, if the PC crashes because of incorrect deletion of registry keys, or if essential registry items are deleted. So you are left with a broken Windows OS, which will likely require a system restore or a factory reset to fix. That is terrible, right.

But you don’t have to worry about such issues when you are using Glary Registry Repair Pro, as you have backups you can restore, in case you run in to issues. You can click on the “Restore previous repairs” button on the bottom right corner of the GUI, and a new window will open, with all the backups saved by the program. Now, you can select a date when the repair was done. Use the “View option”, to see a log of the deleted entries. If you want to delete a selected backup you can do that too. The restore option can be used to revert to the backup, to fix any problems caused by the deletion.

Glary Registry Repair Pro Coupon Code

Before you decide to format your PC, and reinstall Windows, give this program a chance, it might help fix your issues, which Windows itself cannot do.

To the left of the restore option in the main screen, is an option called “Ignore List Manager”. You can use this to whitelist specific entries from being scanned, i.e., exclude them from appearing in the results, which in turn preventing their deletion. You can delete items from the whitelist any time.

The menu bar in Glary Registry Repair Pro has some useful options such as changing the language of the interface, and a setting which lets you change the program’s update checker to notify you when a new version is available, or to update automatically.

To sum up, we think that Glary Registry Repair Pro is a very effective application which can speed up your computer, help fix registry issues with a single click of the mouse. It is user friendly, and more importantly, safe to use.

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