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Glary Utilities Pro Coupon Code

Worried that your PC is slow to start? Is Windows displaying the dreaded blue screen of death often? Are you experiencing frequent freezing issues on your computer? Have you tried safe mode and found your PC works fine in it, by when the PC boots normally, it crashes?

Of course, you are probably thinking of formatting the PC, and reinstalling Windows, or use the Reset this PC option in Windows 10. But before you do that, and lose your data, we have a solution which is easy to use, Glary Utilities Pro.

To call Glary Utilities Pro an application is actually not quite right, because it is a collection of tools, which can help fix almost any issue in Windows. The interface of Glary Utilities Pro is polished and has a light colored theme. There are three tabs on the main screen, and a tool which is persistant on all the tab screens.


This tab has 3 panes. The left pane allows you to enable automatic maintenance, which the program uses to clean your PC on its own. The option to erase privacy tracks on windows shutdown will purge all your personal data from browsers, when you turn the PC off. The program can be set to check for updates, when it starts. We recommend you use the automatic update checks, and the menu option which can download updates automatically.

There is a very important setting called “Turn on deep clean and fix”, which enables Glary Utilities Pro’s registry cleaner to scan more thorough manner, to find every issue affecting the PC’s performance.

The Windows Boot Time pane shows how fast your PC is, with a timer displaying the exact time it takes for your computer to start. There is a Startup Manager here, clicking on which opens the built in tool of the same name, in Glary Utilities Pro.

Here you can view all the Startupo Programs, Scheduled Tasks, Plug-ins, Application Services, and Windows Services which run when your PC starts. You can enable or disable any of the listed items. More importantly, selecting one of the items displays the application it is associated with along with a description (for the services).

The right pane on the main screen tells you which version of Glary Utilities Pro you have, whether it has the current database, and also allows you to check for updates, and manage the license.

1-Click Maintenance:

This is the tab which you are most likely to use as your go to solution. It has many utilities, and runs them all at once in a single click of the mouse, when you click the scan for issues button.

  • Registry Cleaner: Scans and fixes issues in the windows registry, including invalid, missing, corrupt items
  • Shortcuts Fixer: Scans and deletes broken shortcuts on the PC.
  • Spyware Remover: Checks your PC for known spyware and adware and deletes them safely.
  • Disk Repair: Analyzes your hard drive for issues, and fixes errors in it.
  • Tracks Eraser: Deletes cookies, browsing history, saved form data, passwords, etc from your browser.
  • Temporary Files Cleaner: Deletes the temporary Windows files, junk files, etc, to recover space on your hard drive.
  • Startup Manager: We explained this in the boot time section.

You can configure the 1-Click Mainenance options to meet your requirements, i.e., enable or disable specific components in each utility.

You can select the automatically repair option to fix all the detected problems (while the scanner is running) and it will do so when it finishes scanning. And you can also set an action like shut down the PC, reboot, hibernate, etc, which will be done after the scan and repair is done.

If you want to manually check all the problems, wait for the process to finish and click the show details option. To fix all the issues, click the repair problems button.

Advanced Tools:

Glary Utilities Pro Coupon Code

This tab consists of 5 sets of tabs, each with its own collection of tools. You can change to a list view, to view a list of all the tools on a single screen.

Clean Up & Repair:

You can view the system information of your computer’s hardware and software, backup the windows registry, restore the registry, scan and repair system files, or undo changes made by Glary Utilities Pro. You can also run the System Backup and System Restore functions built in Windows from this tab.

Optimize and Improve:

You can use the Startup Manager, Disk Defrag tool which can defragment your hard drive, Memory Optimizer which can monitor and optimize the RAM in the background, Registry Defragment tool which compacts and speeds up the PC, Check Disk for scanning the hard drives for issues and repair them, Driver Manager for updating, restoring or backing up the drivers on your computer. The Software update option can be used to find new versions of your installed programs.

Privacy and Security:

This tab has the Tracks Eraser, File Shredder for securely deleting files lleaving no chance of recovery, File Undelete tool to scan and find accidentally deleted files. You can encrypt files with a password using the File Encrypter, use the Process Manager to monitor running processes or stop them. The Browser Assistant in this tab can be used to manage addons for Internet Explorer and restore any hijacked settings.

Files and Folders:

Here you can use the disk space analyzer to find which of your folders and files are taking up a lot of space on your hard drive. The File Splitter can come in handy should you want to split a files in to smaller pieces and re-join them, useful for email attachments or transferring to multiple USB flash drives. The quick search tool can be used to find files and folders instantly.

System Tools has shortcuts to various tools in Windows (and some special tools) like the System Information, Registry Backup, Registry Restore, Repair System Files, System Backup, System Restore and to Undo Changes made by the program.

The toolbar in the bottom of the window, has shortcuts to various utilities like the context menu manager, uninstall manager and more tools which we have mentioned above.

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