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Hetman NTFS Recovery Coupon Code

Has your Windows crashed? Is your hard drive no longer visible in Windows? You could have a corrupted hard drive and it could mean the end of it. But the data which you had stored in it, may not be lost forever. There are ways to recover the data from it, and the most reliable way is to use Hetman NTFS Recovery.

Hetman NTFS Recover allows you to easily recover data from deleted, corrupted, formatted partitions. The program can be used to recover data from any file storage, as long as it uses the NTFS File System. This includes support for SATA hard disks, SSDs, external hard disks, and USB Flash drives, and devices which can be connected to the PC.

Still, there is limited support for FAT file systems, using which you can recover files which were deleted using Shift + delete, or cleared from the recycle bin. But the main purpose of this program is to work with NTFS file systems.

Why the greater focus on NTFS, you may ask? Well, that’s because Windows only supports one file system, NTFS. The reason is simple, only this format is supported by disks of any capacity. Also, FAT32 and exFAT cannot provide advanced security options which NTFS offers. And the fact remains that almost every office uses Windows on their computers, which means the file system used on those computers, are NTFS too.

Hetman NTFS Recovery is user friendly, and can be used by anyone regardless of their technical experience. The main screen of the application displays the drives detected in your computer, including those which have been plugged in to USB ports on the system. Select the drive which you want to scan for deleted files, and you will see a pop-up called the File Recovery Wizard.

You have two scan types to choose from, a fast scan which will find recently deleted files, and a full analysis which is a comprehensive scan which looks for any available data. There are three optional settings available for the full scan.

NTFS, can be selected if the drive was running any version of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/8.1 and Windows 10. If you want to search for the file content, you can also select the content-aware analysis. The full scan can save an entire disk, with its file structure intact, which is very useful for searching for and recovering content from.

Once the scan is completed, the program displays a summary of the number of drives scanned, and the total number of folders and files which were found. Click on the finish button, and you will see the main screen again, except it will now display the folders in the selected drive. You can browse through these folders to look for the files which you deleted or lost. In case Hetman NTFS Recovery could not identify the original name or location of a file, it intelligently places the file in the Lost and Found folder.

There are no limitations to the file type which you can recover using the application, so you can use Hetman NTFS recovery to save files of any format. The left pane of the screen is the directory tree, which you can use to browse the folders, sub-folders, for data. The middle pane displays the files inside a selected folder.

Selecting a file in the middle pane, will display a preview of the document, image, video, etc, on the right pane’s top half. So you don’t have to wait for a file to be recovered to see what it is. In fact, this preview method works even if you don’t have a program installed on the computer, to handle the specific file format. For e.g: You can view a DOCX, even when Microsoft Office Word is not installed on the computer. And of course, the preview option ensures that you are recovering the correct file. To preview a selected file in full screen, use the ALT and Enter key combo. Though documents may look like they have lost their formatting, you will see that once the document has been recovered, all the original formatting is retained.

Hetman NTFS Recovery displays the name, file format, date modified, date created, dimensions, and the size of the file, which you have selected for recovery. When you select multiple files, which you wish to recover, you will be able to use the recover list on the right pane to manage your selection.

Click on the recover option, and you will see 4 options. You can save the selected files to your hard drive, or burn the data to a CD or DVD using Hetman NTFS Recovery’s built-in option. You can also create a virtual ISO image, or upload the data to your FTP server.

Hetman NTFS Recovery Coupon Code

Let’s say you select the hard disk option, you can choose the location of the folder where you want to save the data in, and also include the folder structure and alternate data streams too. You can see the amount of disk space needed for saving the data, and how much free space you have on the disk.

Once you have scanned a drive, Hetman NTFS Recovery can save the analysis to your computer. So the next time you want to use it, simply load the saved analysis information, so that you don’t have to run a scan on it again. The File Menu can be used for adding (selecting) files for recovery, recover froma a list, and also for finding partitions. You can also use this menu for creating a virtual disk to recover deleted files.

You can try Hetman NTFS Recovery for free, before you buy the paid version. And it is also available in a portable format, so you can use it directly from your USB Flash Drive, without installing it.

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