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Hetman Office Recovery Coupon Code

Did you lose your important data because of a virus attack? Has your hard drive stopped working out of the blue? Did you forget to save your important documents before you formatted the computer? It happens, not everything goes well, and sometimes even the best of us make mistakes.  

Hard drives and other devices are also prone to issues, especially overtime as they slowly degrade to a point where they may stop functioning altogether. But, that still doesn’t mean you can lose your documents. We are well aware of how much effort it takes to type, proof-read, and finalize a document, and also how long it took us to perfect the job. Has it all gone to waste because you lost the document? 

No, never say never. You have a good chance of recovering the documents, when you use Herman Office Recovery. The name alone should explain what the software can do, but we are going to tell you just how easy it is to use the program. 

Hetman Office Recovery can recover documents which have been deleted using the shift and delete command, corrupted hard disks, inaccessible storage, etc. It can scan and recover files from any storage medium, including SATA hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, USB flash drives, NAS, RAID, etc. And it also supports all popular file systems such as VFAT, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS. 

Hetman Office Recovery can be used to recover documents which were saved in Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013, 2016, Libre Office, etc. Supported formats include DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, DOT, ODT, ODS, PDF, PDB, RTF, WPD, WRI, to name a few. 

The software is very easy to use, thanks to the helpful wizard which allows you to selectively scan for specific files and drives. Select the next option on the first screen, to go to the main screen of Hetman Office Recovery. This screen lists all of your hard drives, and your Windows Library folders. You can select any of the available locations to scan in, and click on the next button to proceed with the recovery. 

Now, the software will prompt you to select the scan which you want to run. You can choose the Fast Scan or the Full Analysis. The Fast scan is a quick scan mode, which can be used for recovering documents which were deleted recently. 

This screen is the additional options page, which can be used select the file size limit to search for, which ranges from as low as 100KB, 1MB and more than 1MB. You can of course specify a custom size to search for. 

Likewise, you can also search for documents on a time scale. You can select to scan for files which were created, accessed or modified, in the last week, month, year, or a specific date. A date range can also be selected to scan in, if you are not sure when the document was created or edited. 

Hetman Recovery also allows you to select if the program should scan for all office documents, all files. Alternatively, you can also select specific file formats to scan for, such as Microsoft Office documents, Open Office documents, Adobe documents, etc. Each of these categories has sub-sections, as in the formats which they support like PDF, Word, Excel documents, and more. 

Click the next button to start the scan, and wait for the analysis to be completed. The program displays a new screen called the disk analysis results, which has 3 panes. 

The left pane is the folder tree, which you can use to navigate to the folders which were detected. Hetman Office Recovery places the files in their original folders, but for those documents which it could not get the original name or location of, it places them in the lost and found folder, which we must say is a good idea. 

The center pane displays the contents of the folder which you selected. And clicking on a document here, displays a preview of the document in the right pane.  

Since Hetman Office Recovery is designed to not write any data to the drive where it recovers the files from, you won’t be able to see the text formatting in the preview pane. But when you recover the document, all the original formatting will be retained. 

You can hide the folder tree using the button below it, or filter the results to see only the available files, lost and deleted ones, and also narrow down the results based on the file size, date. and type. The third button hides the preview pane. You can change the view of the results from the default thumbnails view, to large or medium icons, list, details or tiles. 

Hetman Office Recovery Coupon Code

There are various sorting options, and the select all and unselect options let you view and recover data quickly. The preview button is invaluable, as it lets you open the deleted document before recovering it. This works even if you do not have an external application to open the document. 

Hetman Office Recovery allows you to save the documents on to a drive other than the source drive, and there are various ways to save the documents. You can save it to your USB Thumb drive, external hard disk, or save the entire disk as a virtual disk. Optionally you can also save the data as virtual ISO images, or use the built-in burner option to burn the data to a CD or DVD disc. If you have an FTP server ready, you can use the FTP option to upload it to your server. 

Just like other products from Hetman, Office Recovery is also available in a portable format, which allows you to carry it on a USB Flash Drive and use it on any computer, without even having to install the program. 

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