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Hetman Partition Recovery Coupon Code

Have you ever faced issues with a bad hard drive? Has a drive gone bad on you? Hard drives, are just like any other hardware, they can degrade in quality over time, because of wear and tear due to normal use after a few years. Yes, sometimes a hard drive which is in pristine quality can fail too. It is not something which can be predicted or even stopped. 

But when such a thing happens, there is something else we are likely to be concerned about, the data on the hard drive. A hard drive can be replaced, either with a warranty service or paid repair, or by buying a new one. But you won’t get your data back from the original hard drive. This essentially makes the data more invaluable, right? 

Fortunately, there is a way to actually recover the data. You may have heard of file recovery software, or file un-deletion software, which can be used to scan for and recover the files which you may have deleted, either on purpose or accidentally.  

Hard drives are of high capacity storage nowadays, and you find people using 1TB, 2TB, 4TB or more on their PCs. Naturally, to prevent data loss, it is always a good idea to split such drives into multiple portions, aka partitions. For eg: the main partition C: could be 100GB in size, while D: could have 400GB and E: could have 400GB approximately. So you can store all your important files on D and E in case, Windows fails, you don’t have to wipe or format D: and E:. Merely losing C: and reinstalling Windows is easier. Not always, but it’s better than nothing. 

What if you lost all the partitions though? What if there was a program which can recover files not one at a time, but instead could recover entire partitions. Allow us to introduce you to Hetman Partition Recovery. 

The program can restore any damaged partition, be it a FAT or NTFS format, including the files and folder structure intact. So, you get a much better chance of getting your data back using Hetman Partition Recovery. The best part is that you are not limited to using it with hard drives, you can use the program for any storage device, like a memory card or a USB Flash drive. 

When you run the program for the first time, a helpful File Recovery Wizard pops-up to assist you. We will explain this in a bit.   Hetman Partition Recovery is very user friendly, and this is reflected by the program’s GUI. It has a simple interface, which consists of a menu-bar, a toolbar, an address bar, a sidebar and a large pane.  The toolbar has 3 sections, the first of which has an option to start the Wizard. The second option, Recovery, allows you to select which files and folders should be recovered. 

The Save disk option can be used for saving an entire partition as a virtual disk. The mount disk option lets you load the disk which you saved, and this is what allows you to browse the virtual disk and get back your data. The Close disk option exits the disk or un-mounts it. The Community section lets you access Hetman’s community group where you can get help or help others with their data recovery process. 

The File menu can be used for accessing the Wizard and Recovery options, and also select the Recover From List option. You can save the analysis information, and load a previously saved one, to see which files and folders can be recovered. The Find partitions option allows you to scan a hard drive for partitions which once existed on it. You can select which disk to scan, and also which system type, i.e., FAT12 or FAT16 or FAT32 or NTFS formats. You can also choose to run a full scan or a partial one by selecting the sector range to scan in. 

The Hex Editor can be used to view the disk information including the volume label, disk size, free space, and hex values of all the files and folders. 

The properties option allows you to view the information about your hard drive including the disk type, size, volume label, sector count, bytes per sector, sectors per cluster, etc. The Edit menu can be used for selections, while the View menu can be used to enable or disable the toolbars, change the view type, sorting options, the language, etc. The Tools menu has options to save, mount, close the disk and also alter the program’s settings. 

During the scan you can see the progress summary on the screen, which displays the number of drives found, the total number of folders and files which were found.  The results are displayed on the right pane, just like in Windows’ own File Explorer. Click on a folder or drive to browse its contents. You can use the two panes to navigate through the list. 

Hetman Partition Recovery Coupon Code

The final step is to recover the data, and to save this you need to select a different destination than the disk the files are being recovered from. Saved files can be used normally in whatever application they are associated with, say for eg: PDF, DocX, MP4, MP3, TXT, etc. There is no restriction when it comes to supported file formats. You can optionally choose to save the data on to a DVD or CD using the build in option in the program. You can also save the data recovered from the disk in an ISO format. If you have an FTP server, you can upload the data to it directly to it too. Really, Hetman Partition Recovery has nailed all the recovery options brilliantly. 

Hetman Partition Recovery is also available as a portable application, which means you can carry it on a USB drive and use it without installing it on your computer. 

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