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Hetman Photo Recovery Coupon Code

Have you ever deleted a folder or two, only to find it had photos which you cannot afford to replace? What if the photos had never been backed up, either locally or to a cloud storage? There are moments in our life, which we will never get again, and photos of such treasured moments add a nostalgic value, which literally nothing can get back.  

But what if you could the photos back. That is what Hetman Photo Recovery can do. The software is designed to recover photos which have been lost because of deletion, formatting, corrupted, and otherwise inaccessible hard drives. As a matter of fact, the software is is not in any way, limited to be used with hard drives. You can use it to recover photos from any kind of storage devices including USB Flash Drives, Cameras, Smartphones, and Tablets.  

All you need to do is connect your device to your Windows computer, and use Hetman Photo Recovery, to recover the pictures. How does this work? Let’s explain about it. 

When you run Hetman Photo Recovery, you will see an option which says next. Click on it to start the recovery process. A wizard which will assist you in recovering your lost photos is started, and this is the main screen of Hetman Photo Recovery, and displays all your hard drives or other devices, which you have connected to the PC. You can also access the main Windows libraries, from the choose disk screen. 

The GUI is simplistic and very user friendly, so anybody can use the program. Once you have selected a disk or library to scan for deleted media, you can click on the next button. This allows you to choose what type of scan you want to run. 

There are two types of scans available: A fast scan, and a full analysis. Picking the first runs a scan to recover photos which had been deleted recently. The latter runs a comprehensive scan which can find all relevant information on the drive, to restore a file system. The full analysis actually saves all of the files and is intended to be used with storage devices which have been formatted or corrupted. 

Select one of the scan options, and click on next to be taken to the additional options screen. Here, you will be able to set the file size limit that the scan has to search for, and also the time stamp, i.e., to search for time period. It can be the created date, modified date, or accessed date, and can be set to a range, like last week or month or year. You can even choose a specific date, or a range between one date and another. 

You can choose which files to scan for, all files or for selected file types. Selecting the latter allows you to enable or disable the scan to find specific image formats. The application supports almost all image file formats including the most commonly used ones such as JPG, PNG, BM, GIF, PSD, TIFF, etc. This includes support for RAW files such as CR2, CRW, RAW, TIFF, TIF, NEF, PEF, X3F, etc. When you have finalized all the options for the scan, click on next again.  

Hetman Photo Recovery Coupon Code

The Disk analysis results screen will list all of the pictures which were found by Hetman Photo Recovery’s scanner. This screen in Hetman Recovery has 3 panes. The left pane is the navigation pane, or the directory tree, which you can use to browse the folders which have been discovered by the scanner. The center pane displays the photos which are in a selected folder. The best part is that it can display a preview of the photos too. You can select as many photos as you want, to be recovered. There are three buttons on the bottom left corner of this window, which can be used to hide folders, to access the filters, and for hiding the preview panel. 

The filters option allows you to select all files, or only those which have been lost or deleted. You can also filter the list by their format, date, size, or dimensions. These advanced options will help you quickly recover photos whose information you know, or for narrowing down an extensive list to a short one. You can use the toolbar in the results screen, to change the view of the list of photos, from the default thumbnails view to icons, list, details or tiles. You can also change the sorting order to display the files by name, type, size, status, modified, created, and choose whether the list should be in ascending or descending order.  

The select all and clear all option can be used to quickly select all the photos in a folder. A selected photo can be previewed from the right pane. You can also see some extra information here, such as the image’s dimensions, name, type, folder path, etc. This preview option is a real time-saver as you can view the photo and its details, before choosing to recover the photo. Speaking of which, you can recover photos to any drive, other than the one where it was originally stored on before it was deleted.  

Hetman Photo Recovery uses the drive which you are recovering data from in read-only mode, so as to not make changes to the file system. You can save the entire drive as a virtual disk, and scan it for deleted photos and recover data from it. Alternatively, you can use a USB Flash Drive, or a network disk, saves the files to an FTP server, or even use the built-in CD/DVD burner to save the data on to your discs.

Hetman Photo Recovery can be used with FAT and NTFS file systems, and all versions of Windows from XP/Vista/7/8 and Windows 10. 

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