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Hetman Uneraser Coupon Code

Have you ever deleted an important document by accident? Or a movie? or a photo, or a music file? We have all done that, it is easy to make that mistake, especially when the files which you wanted to delete were in the same folder or sub-folder where your important file was also located in. 

Many people believe incorrectly, that a file once deleted is lost forever. That is not true. Your hard drive stores data in sectors and clusters, and the sectors which had your important file does not exactly delete its contents even when you used shift + delete to erase the file, or emptied the recycle bin.  However, when you use the computer, or download or create new files, chances are the lost data may be overwritten. So, as long as you don’t write any new data to the disk, you have a great chance of recovering any deleted files. 

But, how do you recover deleted files anyway? We know a great software called Hetman Uneraser, which could be prefect for this job.  The program allows you to recover deleted files with ease. It works on all kinds of file storage devices, so you are not actually limited to hard drives. You can also use it with memory cards, USB Flash drives, etc. 

The interface of Hetman Uneraser, is modern and clean. It is quite user friendly too. The GUI comprises of a toolbar, a menu bar, an address bar, and three panes. The Wizard option can be used to select a drive which should be scanned. There are two types of scans, normal scan and a content-aware analysis. 

The normal scan uses the file system to find deleted files, and uses information such as the file name, date and other attributes to find deleted files. You will be able to choose to either search for all files which were deleted, or select specific categories (and choose file formats) such as archives, images, video, audio files, etc., to search for. You can use the filter to search for a partial or complete file name. 

The content-aware analysis uses signature based detection to search for contents in files, and cannot use the information available in the normal scan type for the process. You can only choose the file types to scan for using this scan. You can also select the file size to search for. 

The side-panel and the middle pane will look familiar, kind of like the File Explorer in Windows. You can use these panes to browse through the folders and select the data you want to recover. Once a scan has been run on a disk, Hetman Uneraser remembers it. So you don’t have to run a scan again, but if you want to, you can re-analyze the scan. 

Hetman Uneraser allows you to save a scan result, and to do this you can use the File menu and select the Save Analysis Information. To load a saved scan, simply choose the Load Analysis Information. The Find partitions option allows you to scan for partitions which were deleted from your hard drive.  

Don’t worry if the result displays no files, that doesn’t mean the program was not able to find any. Instead the Lost and Found folder which it creates. Hetman Uneraser places the files it finds here, if it was not able to determine the original name of the file or its location. This is especially advisable if you selected the Quick Scan mode. Checking the folder could save you time instead of running the comprehensive analysis. 

Notice the pane on the right of the main window? That is the preview window, which allows you to see a preview of the file which you select, before recovering it. This preview supports many formats from documents, archives, spreadsheets, EXEs, images, videos, and audio files. The best part is that the preview works even if there is no compatible software installed on the PC. So, if you find a DocX but have MS Word on the computer, you can still see the preview of the document in the preview pane. 

Hetman Uneraser Coupon Code

You can use the search function in the pane to pin point the exact file which you are looking for. There are various sorting options which allow you to sort the view by the name of the file, its size, date when it was created, modified date, last accessed date, etc. 

When you select a disk in the program, you can see its volume label, disk size, free space, file system, along with the total number of sectors in it, and the number of the first sector. 

You can even use Hetman Uneraser to create a virtual disk, where the data can be saved to. This is actually the best way to recover the data, so try saving to a virtual disk when possible. But it is not the only options using which you can also save the deleted files on to a CD or DVD by using the dvd burner which is available in the application.  

Alternatively, you can also save it as an ISO image, which can be mounted on Windows 10 without the need for any external program. There is an upload to FTP option, which allows you to save the recovered files to your own server. Always save the data on to a different hard drive, or a USB storage device. The HEX-Editor can be used for viewing the hex values of files and folders on the drive. 

Hetman Uneraser works on all versions of Windows from XP,  to Windows 10. You can recover any and every type of file, as the program does not limit you to work with specific file formats. Before you give up hope on a deleted file, be sure to give Hetman Uneraser a try. 

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