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Do you travel frequently to other countries? Are you an expat living abroad? Do you live in a country with Internet censorship? If you miss your favorite TV shows and movies due to geo-restrictions, want to access banned social media websites, or simply looking for a way to stay anonymous on the Internet, hide.me VPN Plus might just be the best solution for you.

With access to blazing fast dedicated servers around the globe, military-grade encryption that ensures privacy, and advanced tunneling protocols for seamless connectivity, hide.me VPN Plus brings in both security, accessibility, and convenience in just the click of a button.

How It Works

Getting started with hide.me VPN Plus is so simple. After your purchase, you can either choose to download the hide.me VPN app and start accessing restricted content instantly, or opt to set it up manually by configuring the Windows network settings — using the app, however, is recommended, while the manual method should be the best for advanced users.

Hide.me VPN Plus uses some of the latest and most advanced tunneling protocols for connectivity, and features strong AES 256-bit encryption for security. The VPN solution isn’t just limited to Windows; with downloadable apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, you can run hide.me VPN Plus on whatever device that you own — unfortunately, VPNs are limited to one connection at a time.

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Super-Intuitive User Interface

Hide.me VPN Plus’s super-intuitive user interface for desktop computers — Mac OS X and Windows — puts everything that the VPN solution has on offer into focus immediately. A small and compact launcher requires that you sign in with your hide.me VPN Plus user credentials, where you can then get started immediately.

A “Connect” button lets you connect to available VPN servers around the world — servers are selected via a drop-down menu — while the data transfer rate and current IP address’ displayed intuitively to the bottom of the interface. The client also lets you access certain configuration settings — application settings, connection settings, network settings, VPN settings, OpenVPN Settings, etc. — that let you determine how hide.me VPN Plus functions.

Hide.me VPN Plus’s mobile client is quite similar to its desktop counterpart, although the user interface is even more simplistic — features metered data transfer displays — and is very fun to use. Settings are accessed via the hide.me menu, although they don’t feature as much configuration options as the desktop version of hide.me VPN Plus.

Access Content Across the Globe

By using hide.me VPN Plus, you can access content across the globe, regardless of restrictions imposed by governments, media corporations, or Internet service providers — since content’s restricted based on your IP address, you can effectively circumvent this issue by connecting to a server in an unrestricted country.

Hide.me VPN Plus features dozens of some of the fastest servers available in all six major continents — available countries include the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, India, Australia, Japan, etc., allowing you to access almost any type of restricted content that you want. If you want to watch your favorite TV shows via Netflix from China, for example, simply connect to the many servers present in the United States and you are done.

The hide.me VPN Plus client lets you connect to available VPN servers in a flash — by default, pressing the “Connect” button connects you to the fastest hide.me VPN server available at your location, taking into account geo-statistics such as distance to server and ping into account. Alternately, you can select a server from the drop-down list available for a more customizable VPN experience.

Advanced Connectivity Protocols

Hide.me VPN Plus lets you connect to available VPN servers using various tunneling protocols that are safe and reliable — IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, and PPTP. By default, the hide.me VPN client uses the IKEv2 tunneling protocol to connect to available servers, which is possibly the fastest and most secure VPN protocol out of the entire bunch.

OpenVPN, on the other hand, functions quite similarly to IKEv2, and is a great alternative should the instance arises. With SSTP, you have access to a tunneling protocol that’s designed to bypass firewalls due to strong encryption and traffic integrity checking. Finally, PPTP is the protocol of choice when bypassing geo-restrictions and censorship, although outdated data encryption can prove to be problematic.

Protect Privacy via Encryption

While VPNs are a great way to gain access to restricted content, hide.me VPN Plus proves to be even more effective when it comes to protecting your data. By using the best military-grade encryption in the business — AES 256-bit — you no longer have to worry about hackers or spyware apps from hijacking sensitive financial or other information.

Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a VPN solution that provides unprecedented access to blocked content, blazing fast dedicated servers, and top-of-the-line data encryption, you don’t have to look any further than hide.me VPN Plus. With the ability to seamlessly connect to multiple servers around the world via a range of tunneling protocols, hide.me VPN Plus should provide an all-in-one experience when it comes to VPN connectivity.