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The entire Internet isn’t easily accessible due to various reasons. For example, most countries are notorious for imposing various restrictions that inhibit freedom of speech and certain online activities. Further, major media publishers actively thwart residents of other countries from accessing their content due to copyright issues and financial reasons. If you live in a country with a restrictive environment, opting for a VPN solution may be the only solution to accessing blocked content. With dozens of servers in over 30 countries, and seamless connectivity capabilities across the board, hide.me VPN should put you on your way to complete Internet freedom in seconds.

Why Use a VPN Connection?

Internet service providers and websites use your IP address to block you from performing certain actions while surfing online — streaming movies, accessing social media websites, downloading content, etc. If you change your IP address to seem as if you are residing in another country, you open up the opportunity to perform those restricted actions without issues, and that’s exactly what hide.me VPN Plus lets you do. If you want to access content limited to the United States, just connect to a Texas-based hide.me VPN Plus proxy server, and it would seem as if you really live there.

Hide.me VPN Plus isn’t just limited to being a way to accessing restricted content — it in fact features various additional benefits. You are, for once, completely anonymous while surfing the Internet, thanks to the virtual IP address that you use while conducting your activities, making it tough for certain websites to track you. In addition, hide.me VPN Plus encrypts your data traffic using state-of-the-art encryption, which lets you stop worrying about valuable information that could prove lethal if fallen into the wrong hands.

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Hide.me VPN Plus Client

While hide.me VPN Plus lets you connect to available proxy servers manually by tweaking your Windows or OS X network settings, it also features a free downloadable client that lets you join any server in just a single click. The VPN client is pretty straightforward to set up, where you can get started immediately after entering your hide.me VPN Plus user account information. In addition to connecting you to a proxy server of choice, it also lets you monitor your IP address — both current and simulated — as well as the data transfer rate; the Plus version imposes a 75GB monthly data cap.

Mobile users aren’t left behind with hide.me VPN Plus. By visiting the Windows Store, the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store, you can download the hide.me VPN Plus client app free of charge, and then start establishing a VPN connection with minimal hassle. With the Plus version, you are limited to a single simultaneous connection, so if you want to have a connection on multiple devices at a single time, it’s better off just to go for the Premium version, which features an enhanced five connection threshold.

Connecting to a Server

Thanks to the hide.me VPN Plus client, establishing a VPN connection is possible in just a click or a tap — on both desktops and mobiles. The VPN client automatically matches you to the best server near to you, but you can manually select a different server from the 31 locations available to you — establishing a connection is as easy as opening a pull-down menu, selecting a server, and clicking or tapping the “Connect” button. By default, hide.me VPN Plus uses the IPEv2 or the OpenVPN tunneling protocols for your connection, but you can choose to use alternate protocols such as Softether, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP should the occasion arise.

Preserving Your Privacy

Hide.me VPN Plus gives you that much needed option when it comes to preserving your privacy while surfing the Internet. Due to the simulated IP address that you use while surfing the Internet, notorious website trackers should no longer have the upper hand when it comes to tracking your movements while online. To make matters even better, hide.me VPN Plus doesn’t log your activities, which make it technically impossible for anyone to request detailed logs about your browsing history — yes, even law enforcement agencies.

Security via Data Encryption

Thanks to hide.me VPN Plus, you can now surf the Internet safely without compromising any sensitive information that exchanges between your devices and connected proxy servers. With AES 256-bit encryption that secures both incoming and outgoing Web traffic, no one should be able to intercept your data when working on Web browsers or applications that communicate via the Internet. You can also choose to use tunneling protocols such as OpenVPN, Softether, and SSTP for even greater security and stability.

Should I Buy It?

Simply put, hide.me VPN Plus provides phenomenal service that everyone should have to get the most out of their Internet connection, all the while preserving your privacy while adding an element of stability and security. Thanks to the ability to seamlessly connect to over 30 different locations, you can start accessing part of the Internet that you never thought was possible. Add to the mix the ability to work on nearly any device that you own, and you have a VPN service that you can use while you are at home, at work, or abroad.