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VPN connections are a great way to access content restricted for certain regions and circumvent censorships imposed by Internet service providers. Further, they are also a terrific solution for preserving your privacy. Like any good VPN service, hide.me VPN Plus brings all of the aforementioned features to the table, while also providing the means for seamless connectivity. By having access to some of the fastest servers in the world that can handle large amounts of traffic without slowing your connection down, and by giving you the option to connect to servers via multiple tunneling protocols, hide.me VPN Plus should put you on your way to complete Internet freedom — while being completely anonymous — in no time.

In a Nutshell

Hide.me VPN Plus offers seamless connectivity to dozens of servers across the globe for unprecedented access to blocked content. By using various tunneling protocols, you aren’t left behind even when faced with the toughest Internet restrictions in any country. The VPN solution is also a terrific way to secure your connection and preserve privacy thanks to military-grade encryption on both incoming and outgoing Web traffic.

Thanks to support for both manual and automatic means for connectivity, hide.me VPN Plus is suitable for novice and advanced computer users alike. The hide.me VPN client is simple and effective, where you can automatically connect to the fastest VPN servers in mere seconds. If you are concerned about being limited to just Windows, you can stop worrying, since the VPN solution can be practically used on all popular desktop and mobile platforms.

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Intuitive User Interface

Hide.me VPN Plus features a simplistic desktop client that lets you connect to available VPN servers at the click of a button. Download and install the VPN client, sign in with your hide.me VPN Plus user credentials, and you are good to go. The VPN client also features built-in functionality that lets you determine how your VPN connection works, such as the ability to switch between tunneling protocols, specifying primary and secondary DNS servers, etc.

If you intend to use the VPN service on a mobile device, hide.me VPN Plus provides seamless connectivity via a downloadable app from the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and the Windows Store. The hide.me VPN Plus app features a similar user interface to its desktop counterpart, though several advanced options are not present due to various limitations. Connecting through your Android, iOS, or Windows Phone is just as simple as connecting via Windows or OS X.

Establishing a Connection

Hide.me VPN Plus lets you establish a VPN connection in just the click of a button. By analyzing statistics such as upload speed, download speed, and ping, the hide.me VPN Plus client automatically connects you to the most ideal server that can handle your traffic — in instances of server overload, the client automatically connects you to the next best server. Rather than letting the hide.me VPN Plus client connect you to a server automatically, you can also choose to select a server in any of the available countries manually.

With access to dozens of servers in 31 different locations — USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc. — you can start gaining access to whatever restricted content that you come across. Any censored or geo-restricted content is instantly made moot, since an IP address in an unrestricted country should let you bypass those restrictions in a flash. All hide.me VPN Plus servers provide unlimited bandwidth, which means that you can get the maximum speed available at any time, though only limited by server workload — the Plus version, however, imposes a data cap of 75GB per month.

Preserving Privacy

Hide.me VPN Plus features unprecedented support when it comes to your privacy. As soon as you connect to a hide.me VPN server, no one — not even your Internet service provider — can track your online activities, since your IP address is completely different from your real one. Unlike certain shady VPN providers that keep logs regarding your online activities, hide.me VPN Plus doesn’t do that, and should the instance arise where someone tries to gain access to your logs, you don’t have to worry since hide.me VPN Plus doesn’t keep them in the first place.

Protecting Your Data

In addition to unblocking content and preserving your privacy, hide.me VPN Plus also features unprecedented support when it comes protecting your data. By encrypting both inbound and outbound connections between your device of choice and all hide.me VPN Plus servers with military-grade AES 256-bit cyphers, no one can stand a chance when it comes to spoofing sensitive information off your VPN connection. Comprehensive encryption lets you surf safely wherever you are, be it your home, workplace, or a public Wi-Fi spot.

Should I Buy It?

Hide.me VPN Plus should be at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to purchasing a VPN solution with seamless connectivity and worldwide server availability. With the ability to unblock content from any country that you reside, and with blazing fast servers with unlimited bandwidth support, hide.me VPN Plus raises the bar for any other VPN solution on the planet. Not just that, but unparalleled support for your privacy, combined with tough data security, make hide.me VPN Plus an absolutely must-buy VPN solution.