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Dubbed the “World’s Fastest VPN” by eVenture, hide.me VPN Plus certainly doesn’t let up in that department. With access to numerous handpicked servers solely dedicated for use only by eVenture, hide.me VPN Plus brings to the table blazing fast servers, support for all popular tunneling protocols, and high standards for both security and privacy. Whether it’s establishing a VPN connection to circumvent geo-restrictions, preventing certain websites from gaining a lock on you, or securing yourself from data spoofing, hide.me VPN Plus should be the VPN solution that everyone should keep an eye on.

Benefits of a VPN

Getting a VPN service should suit anyone no matter what the situation is. If you live in a country, for example, where certain websites are blocked — either by GeoIP restrictions or government censorship — then subscribing to a VPN service should be of the utmost priority. Same goes for instances where you are worried about websites tracking your activities online via your IP address, in which case the simulated location gained through a VPN connection should work wonders. Further, VPNs are encrypted, meaning that your connection is protected at all times, making for a totally secure environment that you wouldn’t get with just a normal connection.

hide me vpn deals

Most VPN services do help you out in the aforementioned areas — unblocking restricted content, preserving your privacy, data protection, etc. — but they do a poor job at it in most instances. With hide.me VPN Plus, you don’t have to worry about that due to a number of reasons. Thanks to servers around the world, you can access blocked content limited to any particular region, unlike other VPNs that only feature proxy servers in a single location. In addition, hide.me VPN Plus doesn’t record IPs, meaning that your privacy is doubly preserved from prying eyes. Further, your data is secured with military-grade encryption ciphers, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Seamless Connectivity

Hide.me VPN Plus lets you connect seamlessly wherever you are, thanks to the inclusion of a dedicated VPN client. Available on all major desktop platforms, you can simply download the VPN client, sign in with your hide.me VPN Plus subscription information, and start connecting to any server in a flash. By default, the VPN client connects you to the best server at any given moment, using data such as latency, speed, and ping for its selection process. Alternately, you can choose to select any of the 31 proxy servers available worldwide, depending on what type of restricted content that you want access to — Florida-based servers for North American content, Frankfurt-based servers for European content, Hong Kong-based servers for Asian content, etc.

The hide.me VPN Plus client supports all popular protocols for seamless connectivity to available proxy servers, with the client automatically determining the best protocol for use in each situation — you can, however, decide to manually use a protocol that best suites you, taking into factors such as security, stability, speed, etc. By subscribing to the Plus version, you get to use some of the best tunneling protocols in business, which include OpenVPN, Softether, SSTP, etc., all of which feature excellent connectivity, stability, security, and speed.

Supports Mobile Devices

You heard it right. Yes, hide.me VPN Plus does support all major mobile platforms, which include the popular iOS and Android mobile operating systems as well as Windows Phone. Establishing a VPN connection on your tablet or smartphone is as simple as downloading the hide.me VPN Plus app from the respective online store on each mobile device, signing in with your hide.me VPN Plus user credentials, specifying the server that you want to connect to, and tapping the “Enable Protection” button. The mobile app features functionality largely similar to its desktop counterpart, so you shouldn’t feel out of place when using hide.me VPN Plus across all your devices.

Maintains Privacy

Hide.me VPN Plus brings to the table unparalleled support for preserving your privacy, where the various proxy servers available for use at any time should prevent websites from ever gaining a lock on your real location. Add to the fact that the hide.me VPN Plus proxy servers never records your real IP address nor keep logs regarding your online activity, and you won’t ever have to concern yourself about losing control over your privacy.

Protects Data

Hide.me VPN Plus makes it doubly sure that no one intercepts your connections nor spoofs sensitive information, thanks to comprehensive encryption via the AES 256-bit algorithm. By securing both inbound and outbound data channels from both Web browsers and applications alike, you can stop worrying when filling out forms with financial details or accessing login portals with confidential account information.

Should I Buy It?

Ask yourself what you need out of a hide.me VPN Plus subscription. Unlimited access to the vast reaches of the Internet? Check. Blazing fast servers that don’t choke under large amounts of traffic? Check. Unparalleled protection for your privacy with no IP address recording or log keeping? Check. State-of-the-art security for your data? Check. Simply put, hide.me VPN Plus should have everything that you would ever need in a VPN connection. Add to the fact that you can establish a VPN connection with the least hassle on any device that you own, and you probably have one of the finest VPN solutions currently available.