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Trying to watch a video on YouTube, but getting blocked due to your region? Want to surf online without pesky website trackers monitoring your every move? Require comprehensive protection against hackers intercepting sensitive information? If you are faced with these problems on a regular basis, then eVenture’s hide.me VPN Plus should deal with them in no time. With dozens of proxy servers across the globe, simulated IP addresses to mask your online activities, and military-grade encryption that secures your connection, you would be hard pressed to find a better VPN solution that cover these issues.

Why hide.me VPN Plus?

When it comes to restricting you from viewing certain types of content online, both Internet service providers and websites use just one critical piece of information — your IP address, which acts as some sort of unique identifier on your location. If you can change your IP address to seem as if you reside in a country without restrictions, you open up a whole world of possibilities. Thankfully, hide.me VPN Plus lets you do just that, where changing your IP address is as simple as joining any one of the many dozens of servers scattered around each continent — if you want to make it seem as if you reside in the USA, just join a proxy server on the east or west coast and you can start accessing content reserved only for people living there.

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How Do You Connect?

After getting a hide.me VPN Plus connection, there are two ways that you can connect to the many proxy servers available worldwide. If you are a tech-savvy user, you can directly configure browser, network, or router settings — depending on the type of protocol that you use — to establish a connection, or you can simply choose to download the hide.me VPN Plus client and use that for the job instead. Using the VPN client is the easiest way, since you can pretty much get started in just the click of button, all the while without worrying about messing up your Internet connection. In addition to Windows and OS X, the VPN client is also available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices, allowing for seamless connectivity on both desktops and mobile devices alike.

What Are the Servers Like?

By subscribing to hide.me VPN Plus, you gain access to 31 proxy servers located in all six major continents. Joining a server is simple, where you just have to specify the server that you want to join via the hide.me VPN Plus client — you can also choose to automatically join the server that functions the best by taking into account stats such as download speed, ping, and latency. With the Plus version of hide.me VPN, bandwidth is only limited by server workload, with a maximum monthly data cap of 75GB. The team behind hide.me VPN Plus, eVenture, puts out a webpage that updates in real-time about server availability, used-up bandwidth, available benefits, etc., so you can better make up your mind on what proxy server you want to join.

Is My Privacy Preserved?

Having hide.me VPN Plus is more than just a means to accessing restricted content. It in fact features unprecedented support when it comes to creating a safe environment where you can conduct your activities without worrying about being tracked or targeted online. Since websites depend on your IP address to track you down, your simulated IP should work wonders in safeguarding your privacy. By using hide.me VPN Plus, you also gain access to a VPN solution that don’t keep detailed logs about your browsing activities — unlike certain other VPN providers. Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry about anyone gaining access to your browsing logs — either via unauthorized access or through legal means.

How Secure Is My Connection?

Unless you are on a connection to a secure site, your information can be intercepted easily by tech-savvy hackers. If you are using a VPN connection, chances are that your connection’s encrypted at all times, making it tough for hackers to spoof sensitive information. Hide.me VPN Plus take this up a notch, where both incoming and outgoing traffic’s secured using AES 256-bit encryption, making it an absolute nightmare for anyone to intercept your connection. If you are a traveler who uses free Wi-Fi spots regularly, having hide.me VPN Plus should prove critical since public Wi-Fi connections are easily hackable. Thanks to the AES 256-bit algorithm, your data should stay safe at all times, regardless of whatever network connection that you use to surf the Internet.

Should I Buy It?

Hide.me VPN Plus is simply a fabulous way to gain unprecedented access to the vast reaches of the Internet. Thanks to the ability to join proxy servers in whatever region of the world that you want to gain access to, hide.me VPN Plus brings in complete Internet freedom at just the click of a button. The VPN solution isn’t just limited to unblocking the Internet — enhanced privacy protection and comprehensive data encryption are just two more advantages that hide.me VPN Plus brings to the table, making it one of the most versatile VPN packages available for purchase.