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VPNs are a must-have feature on any device, especially since normal Internet connections are notorious for their poor privacy and data protection features. With Hide My Ass! Pro VPN, you receive complete anonymity while surfing the vast outreaches of the cyberspace, and comprehensive security via some of the toughest encryption algorithms available today. It in fact, however, serves another important function; that is, unconditional access to nearly any form of geo-restricted or censored content. By featuring hundreds of proxy servers in over 190 countries, you gain access to content that you never thought possible.

Protecting Your Privacy with HMA! Pro VPN

Using a VPN is an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your anonymity while surfing websites or using search engines. If you, for example, are an active presence in social media but live in a country with limited freedom of speech, leaving behind tracks for governmental agencies to follow may not be the best of ideas, and that’s where HMA! Pro VPN comes in. With access to over 120,000 IP addresses, you can actively hide your real location and thwart any attempts to pin you down.

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While VPNs do provide unprecedented privacy protection, certain providers actively record client IP addresses along with detailed logs about your Internet activities. Unfortunately, they may be legally obliged to turn them over should the instance arise, and worse yet, your private details may be prone to hacking. With HMA! Pro VPN, you don’t have to worry about such instances, since it doesn’t record your logs in the first place.

HMA! Pro VPN’s Data Protection Features

In addition to protecting a person’s privacy on the Internet, VPNs also provide security once connected to a proxy server. All information transmitted through the connection — both incoming and outgoing data between the device and the server — gets encrypted automatically, making it somewhat tough for tech-savvy people to spy on you. With a normal connection, you are left unprotected, especially when using public Wi-Fi spots to conduct your surfing, making VPNs a must-have on your device.

HMA! Pro VPN provides encryption, but it does so with the highest form of encryption ciphers. By using the AES (Advanced Encryption System) 256-bit algorithm to secure your connection, it becomes a nightmare for even the most experienced of hackers to steal sensitive information such as bank account details, email passwords, or credit card numbers. Malicious spyware apps such as keyloggers are instantly rendered moot thanks to HMA! Pro VPN.

Unblocking Content via Proxy Servers

VPNs are commonly used to protect both data and privacy, but HMA! Pro VPN gives you a critical upper-hand when surfing the Internet in countries with geo-restricted or government censored content. HMA! Pro VPN’s large number of proxy servers — approximately 350+ in over 190+ countries — should give you the opportunity to access content from any location. Servers located in the United States, Brazil, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, and South Africa should provide you with unlimited access to all forms of blocked content.

Connecting to HMA! Pro VPN Servers

Connecting to any of the HMA! Pro VPN proxy servers are made instantaneous thanks to the HMA! client. A simple application with a minor system footprint, the HMA! client runs continuously in the background, giving you the option to instantly connect to proxy servers via three modes, namely Instant Mode, Location Mode, and Freedom Mode. When you want to connect to a proxy server quickly to secure your connection, Instant Mode should do that for you in a single click.

If you want to start unblocking content, then Location Mode and Freedom Mode should suit you. With Location Mode, you can search for available servers — based on the location of the content that you want to unblock — and connect to them, gaining various additional benefits such as P2P support, etc. Freedom Mode, on the other, works like Instant Mode, but rather connects you to a server in a country with the least network restrictions.

HMA! Pro VPN on Mobile Devices

If you use a Google Pixel, an Apple iPhone, or any other Android or iOS device, you can establish a VPN connection instantly just like you would do on a desktop computer. With the HMA! Pro VPN app, downloadable off the Play Store and the App Store, you gain access to all three modes — Instant Mode, Location Mode, and Freedom Mode — giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that HMA! Pro VPN brings to the table simultaneously on both your desktop and mobile device.

Should I Get a Subscription?

HMA! Pro VPN is a VPN connection like no other. With numerous proxy servers located in more than 190 countries, 120,000+ dynamic IP addresses for complete Internet anonymity, and state-of-the-art encryption protocols for unprecedented data security, you would be hard-pressed to find a better VPN solution in the entire cyberspace. Complete support for a variety of platforms — Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android — that include both mobile and desktop platforms, complete with seamless connectivity capabilities, make HMA! Pro VPN worth every penny.