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Are you worried about being tracked by websites? How much information does the internet know about you? Have you considered using a VPN to protect your online privacy? HideMyAss

Why is this important? Well, some websites share the information such as your IP address, browsing and shopping habits, with their advertising providers, to help them serve ads based on your region, usage etc. But some shady websites use it to record your usage pattern, and this may happen even after you have closed the website or logged out of the account. This kind of tracking is unacceptable, and needs to be blocked.

HideMyAss blocks all tracking when you use the VPN. What’s more, it also encrypts your internet connection to ensure that hackers or malware cannot intercept your data traffic, to spy on you or steal your credentials. You can even use HMA with any public Wi-Fia and your network will still be secured, to prevent any malware.

Is your ISP blocking peer-to-peer transfers? That is unfair, right. But there is an easy way to unblock them, you just need to connect to one of HMA’s servers, and you will be able to download torrents. You can connect to one of 760+ servers which the VPN has with ease, using the official app, which is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac.

The VPN has servers located in 190+ Countries, so you can also use HideMyAss to access music or video streaming services, or websites, which are blocked or not available in your Country. And you can use the VPN when your travel abroad too, so you can access your favorite websites, and services from anywhere around the World.

HMA only stores your real IP address used to connect to the server, and that too for only 3 months. None of your online activity which happen after connecting to the VPN is not stored anywhere, so nobody can track your usage. That’s what we call an honest policy, and true anonymity. The VPN’s servers are very fast, so you won’t notice slow loading in web browsers or other applications.