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While it’s understandable if you have second thoughts about the legitimacy of a VPN solution dubbed “Hide My Ass!,” you can stop worrying — numerous servers worldwide, unparalleled privacy protection, and the toughest data protection standards has defined this brand for over a decade. Hide My Ass! Pro VPN is suitable for anyone; whether you are an individual looking to get around YouTube geo-restrictions, a businessman requiring extreme privacy protection, or a government employee dealing with sensitive information, Hide My Ass! Pro VPN should take care of those issues in no time. With a super-intuitive connectivity client that lets you establish VPNs on both desktop and mobiles alike, you can’t go wrong with Hide My Ass! Pro VPN.

Super-Intuitive Connectivity Client

Thanks to the introduction of a dedicated VPN client by Privax — the development team behind HMA! Pro VPN — you can start establishing a VPN connection in the snap of a finger without spending time trying to manually configure network settings. After downloading and installing the VPN client on your desktop — Windows, OS X, and Linux — just sign in with your Hide My Ass! Pro VPN user credentials to get started. You can also specify the VPN client to auto-log you in the next time you start it.

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The VPN client features three separate modes that you can use to establish VPN connections with — Instant Mode, Location Mode, and Freedom Mode. With Instant Mode, you can establish a connection in a single click to the server that works best at your current location, ideal when you want to preserve privacy and stay secured. Location Mode works differently, where it gives you total control on what proxy server that you want to join. A new addition, Freedom Mode, works quite differently, giving you the option to connect to a server in a country with the least amount of censored content.

Unlock Censored Content Fast

Hide My Ass! VPN Pro features the most number of servers and locations in any VPN service to date. In total, this popular VPN solution features over 350+ proxy servers located in 190+ countries, allowing you to access geo-restricted content on whatever country or region that you want to. Getting blocked from viewing a certain USA-based YouTube video channel? Simply connect to a proxy server in the United States, and you can access the channel with no issues.

The HMA! client’s Location Mode and Freedom Mode should help you out immensely in this regard. With location mode, all available servers are listed in alphabetical order — by country and city — for easy access. The VPN client also lets you add servers to a favorite list so that you don’t have to go wading through the list to re-connect to a particular server. Freedom Mode instead lets you connect to the server in a country with minimum restrictions instantly, ideal when you want access to restricted content in a hurry.

Extreme Privacy Protection

Nowadays, most websites are notorious for deploying various tracking modules and cookies that actively track and report your surfing habits, providing for a drastic violation of privacy. Worse yet, even search engines take part in monitoring your browsing activities as a means to provide you with targeted advertisements. Fortunately, websites and search engines use your IP address to track you, and with Hide My Ass! VPN Pro’s 120,000+ dynamic IP addresses, you can start staying away from the spotlight asap.

Two-Way Encrypted Data Channels

When you surf the Internet with a normal connection, anyone can hack in and spy on your activities, or worse yet, steal sensitive information — yes, even with firewalls and Internet Security solutions. With Hide My Ass! Pro VPN, however, you stay protected against hackers and snoopers thanks to comprehensive AES 256-bit protection on both incoming and outgoing data channels. By using one of the strongest encryption ciphers in existence, no one should be able to break in and steal your credit card numbers, bank account information, or other confidential data.

Unprecedented Mobile Support

Due to cross-platform support on major services in the Internet, having a VPN connection on just your desktop doesn’t cut it anymore. With Hide My Ass! Pro VPN, however, you can establish a VPN on your Android or iOS mobile device with minimum fuss. Thanks to the release of the Hide My Ass! Pro VPN app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can easily connect to any of the hundreds of proxy servers available for use and start enjoying all the benefits that the VPN solution brings across all your devices.

Should I Buy It?

Hide My Ass! Pro VPN has been a staple of the VPN scene for over a decade, and it has continuously improved to insurmountable heights, thanks to numerous proxy servers in nearly all locations worldwide. With that many servers, the potential to unlock all forms of content has just gotten way easier. Unmatched privacy protection complete with comprehensive data security establishes Hide My Ass! Pro VPN’s reputation as possibly the finest VPN solution currently available. If you want to start unlocking the full potential of the cyberspace, consider Hide My Ass! Pro VPN the starting point of that long journey.