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For over a decade, Hide My Ass! has consistently been at the forefront of the VPN industry, giving millions of users the ability to safely surf the Internet without violations to their privacy. Privax, the team behind HMA! Pro VPN, fortunately has kept up the good work, and in 2016, this extremely popular VPN solution is better than ever before. With 120,000+ dynamic IP addresses in over 350 locations, HMA! Pro VPN gives you that much need ability to stay anonymous while surfing the vast reaches of the cyberspace, all the while providing unprecedented access to all sorts of restricted and censored content that you come across. Military-grade encryption further helps you out in having a secure connection with all HMA! Pro VPN proxy servers.

How Does It Work?

By subscribing to any Hide My Ass! Pro VPN plan, you gain access to the extremely versatile HMA! client that allows for seamless connectivity to all available proxy servers. After downloading and installing the VPN client, simply sign in with your HMA! username and password, and you are good to go. Unlike alternate VPN clients that only allow you to connect to pre-determined proxy server, HMA! Pro VPN breaks away from the mold and instead features three separate modes, namely Instant, Location, and Freedom.

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If you want to establish a VPN connection immediately, all you have to do is to use Instant mode, where the VPN client automatically pairs you up with the best server available to you based on information such as latency, ping, and distance to proxy server. Location-mode, on the other hand, lets you manually select the server that you want to join — ideal for unlocking region-specific content, while Freedom Mode automatically selects a proxy server in the closest country with the least amount of Internet restrictions.

Server Availability

If there’s anything that you don’t have be concerned when opting for HMA! Pro VPN, it’s the amount of servers available for you to join — hundreds of servers in 350+ locations. With that many servers, you can start accessing geo-restricted or censored content from any country that you reside. Thanks to the Location-mode in the HMA! client, you have the option to select proxy servers based on your preference rather than connecting to a miscellaneous server automatically.

HMA! Pro VPN supports the latest VPN tunneling protocols, giving your connection much need stability and security, but not leaving behind speed. By using protocols such as Softether, OpenVPN, and IPSec, you can stop worrying about the various incompatibilities that arise out of outdated tunneling protocols. While the HMA! client does the job for you automatically, you can also choose to manually determine the exact protocol that you want to use, but that’s reserved only for advanced users.

Privacy Protection

Thanks to the plethora of proxy servers available at your disposal, you have complete anonymity on the Internet. With access to over 120,000+ dynamic IP addresses, websites that deploy tracking modules won’t ever have the chance to gain on a lock on you, especially since you receive a different IP address each time you establish a VPN connection even when repeatedly using the same proxy server — in the instance that they do track you, your real IP address would never be revealed.

HMA! Pro VPN also gives you the option to sign up for a static IP address, but for an extra fee. Simply specify customer support the location that your static IP address should represent, and you’re done. In addition to protecting your anonymity with dynamic and static IP addresses, HMA! Pro VPN also, like any good VPN provider should, doesn’t keep recorded logs of your surfing history on their servers, so you are doubly protected should the instance arise if someone wants access to your browsing logs.

Connection Security

HMA! Pro VPN provides unprecedented security, thanks to military-grade encryption that encases all incoming and outgoing traffic from both Web browsers and applications alike. Due to the deployment of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) ciphers, hackers, snoopers, and malicious apps should no longer have the upper hand on you, giving you that much needed peace-of-mind when working with sensitive information online.

Mobile Support

HMA! Pro VPN’s unprecedented connectivity features aren’t just limited to Windows and OS X. If you have an Android or iOS mobile device — tablet or smartphone — you can download the HMA! Pro VPN app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and establish a VPN connection just as easily as you do on your desktop. Unlike other VPN connections that restricts multiple simultaneous connections, HMA! Pro VPN instead lets you run VPNs on both your desktop and mobile device at the same time.

Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a VPN solution with unlimited server support, complete anonymity, and unparalleled security, then absolutely. By giving you the option to seamlessly establish VPN connections on both desktops and mobile devices alike, and with support for the latest tunneling protocols that provide unprecedented security and stability, HMA! Pro VPN should definitely be the VPN solution of choice whether you are an individual looking to get around geo-restrictions, or a business owner looking to stay protected in the wild-lands of the cyberspace.