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Is your antivirus slowing down the computer to a crawl? If you want to replace it with something lighter, and not compromising on the security level, you should consider switching to HitmanPro.Alert.

The antivirus has an unbelievably light footprint on the PC’s resources, that you may wonder if it is even running. You can rest assured that it is indeed working, in fact it continuously protects your computer, just as it should be.

The pro-active scanner in HitmanPro, relies on analyzing the behavior of the active processes aka running programs, for malware-like activity, and blocks any malware which it comes across. This includes preventing zero-day threats, i.e., malware which are newly released, which antivirus programs have yet to even identify.

The disinfection process is very thorough, as there are no remnant of the malware, even those which your previous antivirus may have left behind.

Will HitmanPro.Alert stop ransomware attacks? Of course, even new ones, by simply monitoring whether the malware is trying to encrypt your files. And as a precaution, the application creates backup copies of your data, as soon as the program detects any ransomware encryption behavior. These backed up files are then restored, after the ransomware has been quarantined.

When you install programs downloaded from websites you visit, there is no guarantee that they are 100% clean. They may contain adware, spyware, etc, which are bundled in a way, that you may miss the option to skip installing them, or there may not be an option to do so at all. Such Potentially Unwanted Programs are also detected and blocked by HitmanPro.

If you have programs which have not been updated by the developer, they may have security vulnerabilities, which certain malware could target, and exploit. HitmanPro.Alert prevents such vulnerabilities to secure the programs from such attacks.

The program blocks malware from trying to access your webcams, to protect your privacy. Speaking of which, HitmanPro.Alert can block phishing websites, and malware infected pages from hijacking your browser. The application ensures a safe online shopping or browsing experience, by encrypting your keystrokes, this effectively preventing spyware, malware, and hackers from stealing your identity, or your online logins.