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HitmanPro.Alert is a superb replacement for standard antivirus software. Why? Well, because the level of protection which it offers against zero-day attacks, is far superior compared to the others.

You see, instead of verifying the signature of malware to detect whether a file is safe or not, HitmanPro.Alert checks the behavior of the files, and to stop malware in their tracks. This also works in stopping Ransomware, which encrypts your files and locks you out of accessing them.

When HitmanPro.Alert detect ransomware-like activity, the program protects your files by backing them up, and stopping the ransomware’s encryption process. Then it replaces the files which were encrypted, with the backups. And when the malware is quarantined, it is done so cleanly, leaving no traces.

HitmanPro.Alert is so accurate when it comes to scanning your computer for threats, that it can also prevent potentially unwanted applications which are sneakily packaged into the installer of normal programs, and install themselves, thus infecting the PC, and causing random pop-ups, or slowing down the PC. Most antivirus programs tend to miss such PUAs completely, and it becomes a real headache when you try to remove such toolbars, or adware, and the like.

HitmanPro.Alert can also protect the other programs which you have installed on your computer, from malware, by preventing any security vulnerabilities that may remain unpatched by the software developer, which the malware can try to exploit.

That is not all which Hitman can do, the application prevents keyloggers from recording your keystrokes, thus blocking any attempt to steal your login credentials by hackers. Your web browser is also protected by the program, from attacks by malicious websites, and phishing websites. So, you can shop online or even make banking transactions in peace, without having to worry about malware. HitmanPro.Alert can be set to secure your webcams from unauthorized access by hackers and malware.

The application does all this, by running continuously in the background and monitoring the computer for malware. And the best part is that Hitman uses very little of your system’s resources, to ensure your computer is not slowed down in anyway.