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Almost everyone spends time on the internet every single day. This maybe for official work like emails, conferences, and of course personal use like socializing with friends, chatting online, streaming videos and more.

This makes the internet one of the most used technologies in our day to day life. This also spells bad news for users, because hackers know the internet is a way they can steal usernames, passwords, data and more.

Actually this happens a lot these days, and in more advanced ways too. Good websites are often hacked, and the legitimate ads that they normally serve on their pages, are injected with malicious code. This process, is called malvertising.

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If a user clicks on these ads, they could download some virus or malware silently on to the computer, without the user being aware of this. Then the computer would become infected and cause a headache for the user.

It becomes worse, if the infection is a ransomware. These modern security threats pose a far more danger as they lock files by encrypting them. Unless you have a decrypting tool, or the decyption key, which is usually what the attacker demands a sum for, it is impossible to recover the files at all.

How does one prevent these attacks? We recommend using a strong, reputed antivirus, along with a firewall application. Or you could use an Internet Security Solution, from a good security concern, which comes with an Antivirus and Firewall built into one program.

But allow me to tell you, that even this is not enough to protect your PC completely. You are going to need a companion program, aka a malware scanner to detect infections, which your antivirus missed.

And how will you decide which one is the ideal scanner for you? Don’t worry, you don’t need to make the choice. Allow us to recommend Hitman Pro.

Hitman Pro, is a malware scanner, from Sophos, and excels at getting rid of stubborn malware. What makes it great is that you can use it even without installing it. That’s right, it can be used as a portable malware scanner.

Simply download the Hitman Pro EXE, is enough. Double click on the file, and
run it and you are good to go. But before you run a scan, check out the options the program has to offer.

The interface is neatly designed, and simple to navigate, making it a user friendly scanner. Notice the program’s GUI has some buttons on the bottom.

The Settings button houses the majority of the options, and clicking on it will display a series of tabs.

The first tab, called Settings, lets you configure Hitman Pro, to upload suspicious files to Surfright’s Scan Cloud. You can optionally allow the program to compress the files before upload, and also to use a secure SSL connection (Secure Sockets Layer), so the traffic is encrypted.

By default, Hitman Pro’s scanner sniffs for PUPs, aka Potentially Unwanted Programs. Usually these are browser toolbars, and other adware which come bundled in with most free software. If you haven’t installed any such program, you can disable the setting to scan for PUPs.


Similarly, the scanner also goes through the browser cookies for malware, and this could take a long time to complete, if you haven’t deleted the browsing data in a while. If you are certain that your browser is safe from malware, you might want to disable the cookie scanner off.

Of course, you can renable these anytime you want to, in case you are worried about your PC’s security.

The Scan tab, allows you to set tasks in Hitman Pro. This enables the program to run a scheduled scan automatically at the time and date which you selected. In case, you are working with some full screen programs or games, you can prevent Hitman Pro from scanning for malware, as it usually consumes a bit of processing power and memory, which would otherwise be useful for your task.

The program also lets you postpone scans until your PC is idle, say like the next boot up.

The History tab, is actually only useful when you have already run scans using Hitman Pro. This is where the program lists previous infections, which it detected. Should your list have multiple files, you can use the optional filters to see which ones are being kept in quarantine, and you can even restore the files, or delete them permanently.

You can see the license status of Hitman Pro from the history tab, and it also allows you to input a new key for activating a brand new license. If you connect to the internet using a proxy network, you can configure the program to also use the same connection, using the built in, proxy tab.

The advanced tab, is for setting the disk access, VirusToal settings, and for enabling EWS. This Early Warning Scoring system, is useful for detecting and preventing zero day attacks, and for this Hitman Pro analyzes programs for malicious behaviour.

The drop-down button on the bottom right corner of Hitman Pro’s main screen, allows you to select one of two available scans: quick-scan and a default one, the latter being a thorough one.

Select one of the two, and you will see a screen on which you can choose to run a scan directly, or install Hitman Pro permanently on the computer. IF you wish to scan your computer during startup, or run scans regularly, the latter is not a bad idea.

Hitman Pro does not have a virus database, which most antivirus programs rely on, for detecting viruses. Instead, it uses forensics-based Malware Detection, in combination with scanners from Sophos, Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.

Every completed scan, will display its findings, aka detections , with the name of the file, the location of the file, the kind of malware (trojan, malware, PUP, etc), along with actions you can choose to be taken, like sending it to quarantine, deleting the file, or ignoring it. Selecting the “Show Information option, from the right click menu, allows you to see more details about the detected file. You can also counter check the detection, on VirusTotal.

Hitman Pro is compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

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