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We live in a digital world today, in which we depend on data and the internet for almost everything. Right from our day to day emails, to funny videos, to catching up on the latest news, or even looking up a recipe, we use the internet because it is so rich in information.

Of course, the internet is more importantly used for sending and receiving files, as well as downloading content like software, games, music, etc. Now, not every website out there is safe.

You know about viruses, trojans and malware. Ever heard of ransomware? These are more common threats nowadays, and are more dangerous. These attacks take place silently without the user knowing that it is even happening in the background. They occur when a malicious file is downloaded by the user, usually when the file is disguised as a well known software or source.

The program executes itself in the background, encrypts (locks) all the data on the computer, and the decryption key, needed to unlock the data is held for ransom, by the attacker. Unless the user pays the sum, the only free way to unlock the data is when the good guys, aka security researchers release a decryption tool for the same.

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Sometimes, even the antivirus software which you have installed on your PC, cannot prevent these. Of course, there is one another way to remove ransmware from a computer, by using a powerful malware remover.

And there is none which comes close to the one we tested, Hitman Pro. No, we are not talking about an agent with a reputation for silently eliminating the bad guys. But the description kind of fits what the software we are going to look at.

Hitman Pro is a portable malware scanner. That means you can use it to scan your computer for malware, without even installing it. And you don’t even have to extract some files, there is just one EXE to download and run.

Once you run it, you will be greeted with a beautifully designed GUI, which is quite user friendly.

Click on the settings button and you will see a bunch of tabs. The Settings tab allows you to choose some options related to Hitman Pro’s malware tracking features:

You can use it for disabling/enabling the program from sending detected suspicious files to Surfright’s Scan Cloud, and an option which compresses the files before sending it, and one with chooses a secure connection for sending the files (SSL).

Hitman Pro scans your browsers cookies, for malware, and if you are confident that your browsing data is safe, you can disable tracking cookies from being scanned. The software creates restore points before deleting malware, in case of false positives, or some errors which if you run into, you can restore the PC to an earlier point. You can disable this if your PC is running low on disk space.

Likewise you can disable scans for remants of malware and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs like toolbars, etc).

The second tab, Scan lets you scheduled scans to be run automatically, at a time and date of your choice. It also lets you prevent scans from being performed, when a full screen application like a game is running ( games are usually CPU intensive), or if you are viewing a presentation.

You can postpone scans until the next computer start up, when the chances of your hard disk is idle, are high.

The third tab, History, lists all previous malware detections by Hitman Pro. You can filter it to show only those files which are in quarantine. You can use this tab to delete files permanently or restore them (if they are false positives).

The license tab, lets you view your Hitman Pro license information, and if you don’t have an active license, use it for activating one.

The proxy tab can be used for connecting to the internet using a proxy, if your network uses one.

The advanced menu lets you select the disk access (higher priority for faster scans, but background tasks will be slower), set your VirusTotal (an online virus scanner service) API key, and one very important setting. This is called EWS or Early Warning Scoring system, which analyzes software for malicious behaviour (behavorial scanning) to prevent zero day attacks.

Now, let’s go back to the main menu. See the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner? This can be used for running a quick-scan or a regular one (default scan).

Once you select a scan, Hitman Pro will offer two options. One which lets you install the program permanently, which can scan your computer during startup, and also place shortcuts on your desktop and Start Menu. The second option lets you scan the computer without installing Hitman Pro.

Hitman Pro uses forensics-based Malware Detection to scan your computer, without the need for an antivirus signature database. And it also makes use of cloud based scanning, using technologies from Sophos, Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab.

Once a scan has been completed, you will be givem the results on screen. Each file will be displayed with its filename, file location, type of malware it is detected as, and an action which you can choose (Quarantine, delete, Ignore). You can click on “Show Information, to view details about the file and why it was detected. You can optionally report the file as a false positive, or check it on VirusTotal.


Scan results can be saved in a log for future reference.

Hitman Pro works on all versions of Windows from XP and above (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10). You can use it for free, but you will need a license to remove the detected malware.

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