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How many computers do you have in your office ? How much do you spend on the security of the computers? Normally we install antivirus software, which are designed for enterprises, and these usually come in volume licensing plans.

That means, instead of buying individual licenses for each computer, you buy one license for the company, and declare the number of users to the vendor, and they charge you accordingly for that?

Why do we do that? There are two main reasons for this. One is of course economical reasons, buying a volume license is much cheaper than individual licenses, because vendors usually give a nice discount when the consumer, in this your business, is buying the licenses in bulk. Even Microsoft does this for its operating system, Windows 10 (and prior versions).

The second reason, is uniformity. You don’t have to go to each computer and check the validity of each license, which is a huge waster of time, and in business terms, you will lose money by doing so. One license to manage them all, this is much more convenient and efficient.

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Now, the real question is whether your antivirus is truly efficient as you believe it to be? What if we told you it isn’t. This shouldn’t really be surprising, and it isn’t. You should always have a secondary scanner, to hunt for malware which your main antivirus misses.

This happens more frequently in business computer networks, than home users. That is because the usage environment differs a lot. Since office computers are connected to a local network connection, it is easier for malware to spread to all devices.

Scary as it sounds, this happens all the time. It could originate offline too. An infected USB Flash Drive, or an External Hard Drive, is enough to spread a virus across the network. And hackers are always sending spam emails, with malicious attachments and URLs. Merely clicking the URL is enough to let the attacker gain access to your computer and its data.

Sometimes, malware are often disguised as ads on legitimate websites, and even to resemble popular applications. When the unaware user downloads these, attacks happen, and the malware or in worse case scenarios, deadly ransomware which encrypts your data and locks you out.

This must be prevented at all costs. And that is why you need a second opinion scanner, to protect your computers, your data, passswords, identities, and your client’s information from cyber threats.

And since these forms of attacks and hijacks are on the rise, we recommend using one of the best malware removal software available today, HitmanPro for Enterprise.

Functionally, it is similar to HitmanPro which you can try for free on your home computer. Let’s take a look at the features of the program.

HitmanPro for Enterprise is developed by Surfright, a subsidiary of Sophos.

The best part of the software, is that it can be used even without installing it on the computer, yes, like a portable malware scanner, which you can carry on a flash drive. But since you will be using it on your domain (business network), we recommend installing it on all the computers you want to use it on.

You can do so by clicking on the drop-down button in the bottom right of the main screen, and selecting the second option, which installs HitmanPro on the computer, and lets it scan your device whenever it starts, and scheduled scans (explained below)

HitmanPro for Enterprise has a very well designed interface, which is aesthetically pleasing, and also user friendly at the same time. Check out the options in the program by clicking on the settings button in the bottom panel.

This will bring up a set of tabs, and the first of which, is Settings. It lets you set up the way how HitmanPro functions. This includes options to upload suspicious files to the Scan Cloud, and you can even choose to compress the files before they are uploaded. If you are worried about security, the application has a setting to use a SSL secure connection for encryption.

HitmanPro detects Potentially Unwanted Programs, by default. If your business has software which is falsely detected as a PUP, you can do one of two things: you can report the detections as false positive, or if the applications which you use are constantly flagged as malware, you can disable PUP scanning entirely.

The same can be said about browser cookies, which your enterprise may rely on work. In which case, you can disable scanning for tracking cookies. These options can be renabled anytime, in case of an emergency.

If you have a lot of computers at your office premises, manually running scans on each can be a really cumbersome task. Fortunately HitmanPro for Enterprise comes with a task scheduler, using which you can schedule scans to be run automatically at a time and date of your choosing. Say for example, over the weekend, when your employees are away from the desk, and the computers are idle.


Speaking of which, you may want to prevent the application from running scans during work hours. You can do so by enabling options, which will prevent the program from running scans when a full screen application is on, or postpone it till the time the PC is idle, or during the next startup. You don’t want a scan to run, during an office meeting would you?

If your IT team wishes to investigate previous detections of malware, they will find the History tab very useful. It lists all previously detected items, and also allows the list to be filtered, to display only those files which are quarantined. If they come across false positive, they can restore the files, or in case of unwanted files, delete them permanently.

The License tab allows you to view the current license status, and activate a new one. Business networks often use proxies, for security reasons, and HitmanPro for Enterprise lets you configure the way it connects to the internet with its own Proxy tab.

The final tab, called Advanced, is for enabling the Early Warning Scoring (EWS) system, which prevents zero-day attacks, by using the programs behavorial analyzing technique, and also for setting the disk priority of the application, and for using your own VirusTotal API key.

HitmanPro does not rely on a virus database and signatures, which is why the traditional antivirus programs fail to detect tricky malware. HitmanPro combines its forensics-based Malware Detection with databases from Sophos, Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab to ensure no malware can breach its scanner.

Hitman Pro is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and the latest OS, Windows 10.

Buy HitmanPro for Enterprise at the best price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. You can never go wrong with a second scanner in your PC’s arsenal.