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HitmanPro.Alert is the best antivirus application for Windows computers for a lot of reasons. It is the lightest security software, which uses so little memory that you won’t even notice that the application is running in the background.

But you can rest assured that HitmanPro.Alert is running, and pro-actively monitoring your computer from viruses and other malware. The antivirus is just 5MB to install, but don’t let that fool you, the program is more powerful than traditional antivirus applications, in that it does not rely on signature based detection.

Instead, HitmanPro.Alert makes use of heuristic scanning, which analyzes running programs for malicious behavior. Even the most deadly ransomware cannot stand a chance against this, because when Hitman detects a program trying to encrypt your files, like a ransomware does, the malware will be stopped before it can impact your system.

HitmanPro.Alert can take backup copies of your data, and replace the files which were encrypted by ransomware, with the original ones, which are unaffected.

If you are worried about hackers recording the keystrokes of the passwords which you type, you are right to be concerned. But you can stop worrying, as HitmanPro.Alert blocks keyloggers, by encrypting your keystrokes. You may have heard of MRG Effitas certification, which is awarded to security software which can protect web browsers from attacks. HitmanPro.Alert has this certification, thanks to the fact that it can block malware from hijacking your browser, or stealing your logins, and keeps your online banking experience a safe one. This includes blocking websites which are infected with malware, and indulge in phishing attacks.

Other programs may have security issues, which if unpatched could wreak havoc on your PC’s data. But this can be avoided when HitmanPro.Alert is protecting the system, because it blocks the malware which try to exploit the vulnerable programs. Potentially unwanted applications which can infect your PC, are a thing of the past, when you have HitmanPro watching over the computer’s security.

The application can prevent malware from using the webcam, especially without your permission. The malware removal employed by Hitman is thorough, and leaves no remnant files after disinfecting the system of a malware.