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Despite having a rather comical-sounding name, Hide My Ass! Pro VPN features some of the best virtual private network practices in business. While providing all the privacy protection and data security features commonly associated with VPN services, Hide My Ass! Pro VPN also lets you gain access to nearly any form of geo-restricted or censored content, thanks to the dozens of proxy servers scattered in multiple countries. With seamless connectivity options, this extremely popular VPN service lets you spend more time navigating the depths of the cyberspace, rather than wasting time manually trying to make things worse. Better yet, Hide My Ass! Pro VPN works on all popular desktop and mobile platforms, allowing you unprecedented access across all your devices.

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What You Get with HMA! Pro VPN

Are you an extremely private person who wants complete anonymity while surfing the Internet? As a government employee, do you deal with sensitive information regularly? Do you live in a country with severe restrictions on most aspects of the Internet? If so, then HMA! Pro VPN should make all your problems disappear in a flash. Thanks to thousands of unique IP addresses, you can preserve your privacy wherever you are online, while the numerous proxy servers around the world should help you in unlocking censored, or in some cases, geo-restricted content, in a flash. Not just that, but comprehensive encryption algorithms applied to connections actively protects you against information theft. The entire package comes encased in a super-intuitive client app that makes establishing VPN connections a breeze.

Connect Seamlessly to Proxy Servers

When you think of a VPN, you instantly start imagining having to wade through dozens of network settings trying to make things work. Well, not with HMA! Pro VPN. By bundling in an intuitive VPN connectivity client as part of your subscription, you can connect instantly to available proxy servers after signing in with your unique HMA! Pro VPN user credentials. If you are just worried about your privacy and security, you can simply instruct the HMA! Pro VPN client to connect you to a server that works the best for you at any given moment. To gain unrestricted access to Web content, you can instead choose to manually select the exact server that you want to join — alternately, HMA! Pro VPN features an additional connectivity mode labeled Freedom Mode that instantly pairs you up to a location with minimum Web restrictions.

Total Anonymity in the Cyberspace

Staying anonymous on the Internet brings to the table a host of benefits that protect your identity. Repressive governments, for example, require Internet service providers to log your browsing activities that should be made available to authorities on request, while big e-businesses actively track you down to present you with targeted advertisements — simply put, you can no longer preserve your anonymity with the various rules and regulations put into place. By connecting to any one of the 350+ proxy servers available worldwide, no one — not even your ISP — should be able to track you nor record your browsing activities, thanks to the 120,000 dynamic IP addresses that cloaks your real IP address from spying eyes. Moreover, HMA! Pro VPN doesn’t log your real IP address, doubling down on your privacy protection like no other VPN service to date.

Security via Top Encryption Algos

During normal Internet browsing sessions, both incoming and outgoing data channels are left open for anyone to hack in and spy on, unless you are on a link to a secure website, and even that’s not good enough against tech-savvy hackers. Further, public Wi-Fi spots only complicate the problem, since all data channels don’t even receive password-protected encryption at the minimum. When you use HMA! Pro VPN, however, all of that changes, since your entire connection — from your device to the proxy server — receive full encryption at all times. By deploying some of the toughest encryption algorithms in business, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard cipher with 256-bit encryption, you can be assured that you won’t ever lose sensitive information to hackers or spyware apps.

Support for Desktops and Mobiles

While HMA! Pro VPN does a terrific job offering seamless connectivity on all recent Windows operating systems, you aren’t left behind if you have a Mac at hand. By featuring a separate dedicated VPN client for OS X, you can be assured of having a similar experience on your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro. That isn’t all; if you have an Android or iOS mobile device at hand, you can install the HMA! Pro VPN app from each platform’s respective store, and establish a VPN connection just like you would do on a desktop, making it the VPN solution of choice for anyone wanting unrestricted Internet access while on the go. Support for two simultaneous devices only make things better, since you can have both your desktop and mobile device secured at all times.

Should I Buy It?

If you are a regular Web surfer, getting hold of HMA! Pro VPN is an absolute must. With the drastic violations to privacy by ISPs, governments, and big e-businesses alike, HMA! Pro VPN’s numerous proxy servers should serve as an invaluable tool when it comes to preserving your anonymity. In addition, the security that HMA! Pro VPN brings to the table alone warrants your money, not to mention the amount of geo-restricted and censored content that you gain access to. Seamless connectivity features and multi-platform support only serve to make HMA! Pro VPN worth even more than what you pay for.