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Browsing the internet without a VPN is extremely risky. Every website that you visit, will recognize you, because your web browser sends your IP address to the server. This allows websites to see exactly which Country, City you are from, etc. Not if you are using a good VPN service like Hidemyass.

The Avast owned company, offers a ton of features which other VPNs do not. HMA can block all tracking services to ensure your privacy. It can also be used to secure public Wi-Fi networks available in Coffee Shops, Airports, etcc by encrypting them to block hackers from breaching your device’s network connection.

HMA has more than 760 servers, located in over 190 Countries around the World. You have the option to connect to any of these locations. This has a lot of advantages for you. For starters, you can use it to access websites which are blocked by your ISP or in your Country, just by choosing a server located in another Country.

If your favorite music or video streaming service is not available in the Country you reside in, or if you are abroad, and cannot access the service in the Country you are visiting, you can connect to a HideMAss server from another location, or your home Country. This will allow you to view the videos or listen to the music, which you wanted, regardless of where you are.

HMA is multi-platform in that it has apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Linux. And to add to this, you can run the VPN on 5 devices at the same time.

HideMyAss has a pretty transparent policy, where the company mentions that the only data stored on the server is your IP address, which is used for connecting to one of the VPN’s server. No other activity is recorded, such as how long you are on websites, or which websites you visit, etc. There is no way to track your activity online. And the company deletes your IP address data after 3 months. So, you truly have a lot of privacy when you are using HMA.