How to use MacKeeper to cleanup your Mac

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While as a Mac user you are far better off than your Windows’ brethren when it comes to system stability, the OS X isn’t without its fair share of problems. Add in the lack of Q&As on forums for the Mac OS X, and you would be in deep trouble in case something goes wrong. Thanks to MacKeeper Premium, however, you no longer have to worry about the stability of your Mac. With the ability to intelligently detect and notify you of problems, and with your own Apple Certified Support Professional at call any time you want, you can’t go wrong by opting for MacKeeper Premium.

Intuitive User Interface

MacKeeper Premium features an intuitive user interface that separates available features under labeled sections — Human Assistance, Security, and Advanced Tools. The Human Assistance section features the Find&Fix and Geek on Demand features, where you can scan your Mac for issues and contact a dedicated Apple Certified Support Professional for help. On the other hand, the Security section includes the Internet Security and Anti-Theft modules, focusing on both online and real-world threats to your Mac. Finally, the Advanced Tools section gives you access to a plethora of features that let you perform your own maintenance and security procedures — Duplicate Finder, Smart Uninstaller, Data Encryptor, and Update Tracker are a few among the many tools bundled into the application.

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Fixing Your Mac

With MacKeeper Premium’s Find&Fix feature, getting your Mac fixed has never been easier. Once instructed, the application automatically scans for performance and security issues, where it then grades the results on a scale of Excellent, Medium, and Serious so that you know what issues to get fixed first. You can either run the built-in system diagnostics utility to get rid of common issues — duplicate files, outdated browsing data, unnecessary login items, etc. — or you can contact a dedicated Apple Certified Support Professional through live chat when it comes to more serious problems. MacKeeper Premium also lets you hand over control of your Mac to the support professional, who then fixes all your issues remotely and gets your Mac up and running faster like never before.

Securing Your Mac

Once you get hold of MacKeeper Premium, you aren’t just buying a troubleshooting application. By integrating multiple live shields, you are protected around the clock when it comes to surfing online safely and securely — the application notifies you of phishing scams run by malicious websites, and actively thwarts remote attempts to break into your Mac. The application also blocks threats from offline sources — malware, spyware, adware, and other forms of potentially unwanted apps are blocked and notified to you immediately. In addition to protecting you against online and offline threats, the built-in Anti-Theft module instantly kicks in if someone steals your Mac, where it then provides you with constant geolocation and network details, as well as iSight snapshots so that you can identify the perpetrator.

Maintenance and Performance Tools

MacKeeper Premium isn’t just an automatic computer fixer; it also gives you complete control over all aspects of maintaining and optimizing your MacBook, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro. On the maintenance side of things, you have tools such as the Duplicates Finder, Files Recovery, Data Encryptor, and Shredder. With the Duplicates Finder, you can perform disk cleanup procedures by actively scanning for duplicate multimedia content and free up large amounts of disk space. On the other hand, Files Recovery gives you that much needed option when it comes to recovering accidentally deleted data, while Shredder instead focuses on securely deleting sensitive information to prevent data recovery. When it comes to securing content, Data Encryptor provides state-of-the-art AES encryption to protect sensitive items from unauthorized access.

Chief among the performance enhancement tools available at your disposal is the Smart Uninstaller, Login Items, and Update Tracker. With the Smart Uninstaller, you can completely remove any corrupted applications that aren’t removable by normal means; it also features the ability to delete items leftover by uninstalled applications. The Login Items module lets you boost the startup speeds of your Mac tremendously, where you can disable unwanted applications from loading up in the background and free up important resources for use by the operating system. Whenever you want to have the latest versions of all installed applications running on your Mac for an overall smoother system, you have the Update Tracker to take care of that in an instant.

Should I Buy It?

The amount of features available for use in MacKeeper Premium is simple unparalleled. With the ability to instantly detect issues pertinent to the normal functions of your Mac, and with dedicated support personnel ready for your call around the clock, you can continue working without worrying about the day-to-day issues that can plague computers. Not just that, but the safety that MacKeeper Premium gives you while surfing online, and the anti-theft features that actively protect your Mac from actual theft, brings additional security by an already awesome product. If you ever want to maintain and optimize your Mac without the automatic fixes built in to the application, you have all the tools and features ready to do them yourself.