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Want to record a project update and show it off in an upcoming meeting? The best way to achieve this, is not by using a camera to record it, but to record the contents on the screen directly, using a software.

Why present boring slides and text documents, when you can deliver a more interesting statement with a well made video.

Now, there are a lot of video recording software, which claim to be user friendly, but have a complex GUI. Some of these are really confusing for the user, who will not be interested in using the software. That’s not all there is to issues related to recording videos. Once you have captured a video, you have to edit it to polish up the final result.

HyperCam Business Edition Coupon Code

You may want to cut some sections of the video to save time, add or remove audio, etc. So, you need a video editing software as well. Honestly, these are even more difficult to use than video recording software, aren’t they?

Not really, you won’t face any such hassles with HyperCam Business Edition. Allow us to explain the features of the software.

HyperCam has a simple GUI with a black background and just about 5 or 6 of icons on its main screen. How simpler can a video recorder software get? There are two tabs on the top of the GUI:

  1. Record
  2. Options

The Record tab is what you will be using for the most part, to record the contnet on the screen. This tab in turn has 3 options for capturing the screen

  • Region
  • Fullscreen
  • Window

Region recording:

Basically what you have to when you select this option, is to draw a rectangle, which covers the area of the screen, where the content that you want to record is. After drawing the box, simply let go of the mouse button. This will display the video size (resolution) in height/width pixels, based on the selected area. You can also see the X and Y axis positions of the area. Alternatively, you can input the widgth, height or the X/Y axis positions manually too.

Switch to the HyperCam Business Edition window, and minimize it. You will now see a small control bar on the taskbar.

Click on the round button to start the recording process, (which changes to a pause button during the recording procss). The rectangular button is for stopping the recording. The camera button lets you take a screenshot of the content on the screen. The arrow button is used for locking the area which you wish to record.

Fullscreen recording:

This option records the full screen content of the computer, which can be useful for capturing Microsoft Office documents, demos of games which you may created, or any other software. To work with this, simply select the option, and then use the capture bar on the taskbar, like we described above.

Window recording:

This is handy, if you wish to record the contents of a single window, like your browser, or other software. There are no limitations to the size of the Window, so it can be a restored (normal non-maximized), or a maximized one. The best part of this feature is that you don’t have to search through the list of open applications, to pick the one you want to record. You can just use the drop-down menu here, to instantly jump to the window you want to capture footage from.

Recording Options:

There is a camera button to the left of the Record button, clicking on which will disable the video capture. But the audio recording can still be done. You can record sound from one of three sources:

1. Using a microphone

2. System audio (what you hear through your speakers)

3. Line in (from an external device)

The speaker button, on the right of the record button, allows you to mute the sound from being recorded, and to select an audio source from one of the three which we mentioned above.

Recent Records :

This section is available below the record button, and houses the most recent videos which you have captured. You can use it to play the video in your default video player. There is an option to share the videos, by uploading it to video sharing services such as YouTube, Dropbox, Vigizy or Vimeo,.

The edit button will open the Hypercam Media Editor application. This program can be used for editing the video you captured. It lets you cut portions of the video, using the neat timeline view panel on the bottom. To do this, you can add markers for creating sections and deleting them. There is a video preview player available in the right side of the screen, which you can use for observing the changes you made.

HyperCam Business Edition Coupon Code

You can also use this program to silence the audio, or to zoom in to the video, change the time format, etc. To jump to the next or previous frame, or in time by a few seconds or minutes, use the navigation menu for precise time positioning. And just like the main record option, there is a screenshot tool available in the Hypercam Media Editor.

Screen Notes:

This section allows you to add notes to your video, like comments.

Program Options:

The Options tab in HyperCam Business Edition can be used to configure the settings for the video and audio recording. It allows you disable or enable the audio or video too. You can select the video format to save the video in (MP4, AVI or WMV/ASF) and the FPS (framerate per second). , and the codec which is used to encode the video and audio.

And you have a huge advantage in using HyperCam Business Edition is that you can use it for both non-commercial and commercial purposes. This allows the program to be used in any home, office or institution be it educational, government or a business.

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