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When you browse YouTube or other websites, you will come across several software reviews, and tutorial videos, which are not only useful, but also look very professional. Have you ever wondered what software these YouTube creators use to record their videos?

Actually many YouTube creators don’t have a camera, and instead use a screen recorder software, which they can use to simply capture what is displayed on the screen. But which one is the most efficient?

Not everyone uses the same software, but it is always advisable to start with one that is easy to use, and still offers a variety of options. Merely recording a video is actually not enough. You need to edit your video, to fix mistakes, add captions, zoom in or out, mix in audio, trim the video, etc. This makes it look really polished and ready for your audience.

HyperCam Coupon Code

We recommend using HyperCam, for this, as it can not only capture videos, but lets you edit the captured videos and a lot more. Let’s begin by checking the interface and explaining the features of the program, as we go along.

HyperCam has a minimalistic GUI, which is incredibly easy to use. We have tested many video capturing tools, and the majority of those often have very complex UIs, which as a result causes users to shy away from using them. HyperCam’s interface is the exact opposite of that, and in fact makes the user think, is this as simple as it looks? Twe can assure you, it is.

The interface window of HyperCam is small in size, and uses a dark background, with light colored icons. There are two tabs on top of the Window. These are: Record and Options.

The Record tab is the main part of the interface, as it is what you use for capturing the on-screen content. Now, there are three ways to record the screen: Region, Fullscreen, and Window.

The first option in HyperCam, Region is used to record the content within a selected area. When you select Region, you will see a crosshair (like a cross), which you can use to draw a rectangle. You can see the start positions of the X axis and Y axis, along with the dimension size of the video (displayed as pixels) , in the width and height boxes. This is useful if you want to capture a particular part of the screen, such as part of a window or a non maximized window, of an application. Interestingly you can enter the position of the X and Y axis and the width and height manually too, i.e, without having to draw the rectangle.

Once you have finalized the area selection, left click the mouse and switch back to the HyperCam window. Click the record button, to start the video capture. The window will minimize itself next to the system tray, with options for controlling the recording. This includes a pause button, a stop button, a make screenshot button, and an option to lock the recording area and one to restore the HyperCam window,

The second option, Fullscreen, also works similarly, except that it will capture the contents of the entire screen. This is useful for recording full-screen programs and games. The third recording option in HyperCam, Window, lets you record just the specific window of a program, which is pretty useful to avoid capturing the entire screen, and focus on a single application. A superb feature is that this recording option displays the list of the open windows in a dropdown menu so you don’t even have to navigate through other background applications, to select the one you want.

Now you may have noticed that the Record tab has two special icons on either side of the giant Record button. These resemble a camera and a speaker. Click on the camera icon, to disable video capture, and switch to audio capture. You will see three options for this mode, to record audio from a microphone, or the system audio, or through a line in port.

Clicking on the speaker will mute the audio from the recording. Hovering over this icon will let you select between the stereo mixer, mic, system audio, and line in.There are two other sections below the Record button: Recent Records and Screen Notes.

Recent Records lists all of your newest screen captures. It has four other options for each video Play, Edit, Share and Browser: You can select one and click on the play button, which will open the video in the default video player application you have on your computer.

HyperCam Coupon Code

Selecting the edit option will open the Hypercam Media Editor program, which you can use for trimming the video, mixing and muting audio, etc. It has a timeline pane for editing, adding markers, etc and a video preview built-in, to let you watch the edits without leaving the program. You can use the the view menu to zoom, select time format, panels, etc, while the navigation menu can be used for jumping to the next/previous frame, or ahead and before in time. You can also use this tool to take screenshots of the video.

The left pane of this window can be used for viewing the input and output video format, duration, file size, and audio codec.

The Share button under the Recod tab of Hypercam, can be used for uploading the video directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Vigizy. The browse button opens the Windows File Explorer folder where HyperCam saves the videos.

The Options tab allows you to edit the video and audio recording settings. You can use it for enabling the recording of the video or audio, selecting the video and audio codec, the frame rate per secondm the output format (MP4, AVI or WMV/ASF files), the output folder to save the video in, the audio source to record from, and more. HyperCam is intended for personal non-commercial use only. The software is available in 5 languages: English, German, Italian , Portugese (Brazil) and Russian.

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