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Icecream Ebook Reader Pro Coupon Code

Are you an avid book reader? Do you read books on your PC? Which application do you use for reading eBooks? Well, most likely it is some PDF reader. Why do we say that? Adobe’s document format continues to be the most popular format for most eBooks . 

But, it is not the only format used by book publishers and authors. There are a lot more document formats which, sadly are not supported by most Windows eBook reader applications. Have you tried Icecream Ebook Reader Pro? 

You can use Icecream Ebook Reader Pro to view eBooks in the following formats: PDF, TXT, EPUB, FB2, MOBI, CBR and CBZ. We think this pretty much covers all popular eBook formats. When you install the application, there is an option to associate it to open the formats mentioned above. So, when you double click on such a file, it will be opened in Icecream Ebook Reader Pro. 

The interface of Icecream Ebook Reader Pro has a toolbar on the top of the screen, and another on the bottom.  You need to add a book to your library to read using the program. For this, you can either use the large + button in the middle of the screen, or by using the add book button on the top of the window. 

This opens a pop-up window in File Explorer, which you can use to browse to the folder, where the eBook file is located, and select the one which you want to add to the Library in Icecream Ebook Reader Pro. If you have multiple eBooks in a single folder, you can add them all in a single click, using the “Add Folder” option in the toolbar. 

Once you have added the books to Icecream Ebook Reader Pro, the application will automatically switch to the Library tab. This is the primary screen of the program, and has two panes. The pane on the left edge of the window, has 4 categories by default. The first is the Recently Read, which displays the latest books which you read using Icecream Ebook Reader Pro. The All tab, lists every single eBook which you added to the program’s library. When you mark a book as favorite, the eBook will be added to the Favorites category. The Formats category displays sub-categories for each eBook format which you added to the program. You can create custom categories using the “Add new category” option. The Deleted category lists the books which were removed from the library. 

The pane on the right of the Library window, is the Bookshelf. This is where all of the eBooks which you have added to the program are listed. There is an import option which can be used to add an archive of the library’ content, and an export option which you can use for saving an archive. You can empty the library of all books, by using the bin icon in top right corner. 

And now to the bookshelf, the list which displays the books here has 8 columns. The first column here, displays a thumbnail preview of the eBook’s cover page. The next column mentions the title of the book, and the successive column, displays the name of the book’s author. The 4th column of the book is Progress, which displays the percentage of your reading progress, as in, how far you have read the book. The Added column tells you when the book was added to Icecream Ebook Reader Pro. The Notes column displays the number of notes which you have added to an eBook. 

The Star column can be used to favorite the corresponding eBook, while the last column with the bin icon can used to delete a book from the Library. You can use the searchbar which is just above the bookshelf, to search for a specific eBook in the Library. 

Icecream Ebook Reader Pro Coupon Code

Let’s read a book using Icecream Ebook Reader Pro  and to do this, you can just double-click on any book in the bookshelf, or by selecting one of the books and right-clicking on the book. This gives you the read option, along with add to favorites and delete options. The Edit option can be used to edit the title of the book, and also the author’s name and the description. The properties option displays the book’s title, author, the file format, the last read on date, the description of the book, and the folder path in which the eBook is located. 

When the program opens the book, you will see a reader screen, which is free of distractions. There is a shortcut bar, which can be used to go back to the library, or to the contents page of the eBook, or to the notes which you added to the book. 

The search bar on the top of the window, can be used to search for text in the document, or to jump to different page numbers.  There is a sidebar on the right side of the window, which is home to a lot of shortcuts. You can use the first icon, to switch to the full screen view, or use the F11 hotkey for the same. The other shortcuts can be used to go to the table of contents, or for adding a bookmark, view the notes, and for increasing the font size used in the book, or for decreasing the font size. You can also increase or decrease the line spacing of the book’s text.  

The switch view icon can be used to switch the reader’s view between a dual page view similar to a real book, or to a normal document view which you scroll down. The dual page view has a nice animation, when you switch pages, which looks cooler than in the regular view. The brightness icon is useful, as it lets you toggle the theme of Icecream eBook Reader Pro between day-light mode, and the night mode, which is easier on the eyes in low light conditions. 

Download the free version of the application to get to know how it works. It really is different than your average eBook reader, and quite spectacular in many ways. 

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