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Icecream PDF Converter Pro Coupon Code

Most people usually use an office suite or some PDF reader software, installed on their computer. Usually, these are used for typing, editing and saving documents and for reading PDFs. 

What if you want to convert your documents in to PDF files? Nowadays most office applications have an export to PDF function, which is sufficient, but there is a problem with these. The number of input formats is quite low, and mostly restricted to those which the applications are designed to open. 

But what if you want to convert a PDF in to other formats? Which software will you rely on? We were impressed with Icecream PDF Converter Pro, and here’s why. 

The interface of Icecream PDF Converter Pro, is simple and very user-friendly. There are 2 buttons on the start screen. These are the From PDF, and To PDF options. Icecream PDF Converter Pro is a two way conversion software, so you can select the first option to convert a PDF document in to other formats, or the latter if you wish to convert other document formats in to a PDF file. Choosing either option takes you to the main screen of the application, which has 2 tabs also called “From PDF” and “To PDF”.  

You add a PDF for conversion, you can click on the “Add PDF File” button, or open Windows File Explorer to the folder where the document is located, and drag the file on to the “From PDF” tab in Icecream PDF Converter Pro. You can add a single file, or select multiple files for conversion. 

Doing so, displays a list of the added PDF documents on the same screen. This includes some infomation such as, the filename of each document. Next to the name, there is a magnifying glass icon, which when clicked on displays the document in a pop-up window. This is the built-in PDF reader in Icecream PDF Converter Pro. You can use this to preview the PDF files, even if you do not have Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF reader installed on the computer. 

The Pages column displays the total number of pages, in a PDF. Clicking on the number, allows you to select a page range. Add the start page in the box next to “From”, and the end page in the “To” box. You can add as many page ranges as you want to, depending on the total number of pages in the PDF, and the intervals can be any number you want too. For example, we added a PDF file which had 32 pages. You could split the PDF by adding any ranges like 1-7, 14-23, 27-31, basically any range you select. 

The “To” column is the document format selector, which you can use to choose the file type to save the PDF as.  Icecream PDF Converter Pro can save your PDFs in the following document and image formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, EPS, HTML and WMF. The Split option can be enabled, to divide a single PDF file, and convert that into multiple documents of your choice. The program does work with encrypted PDFs, which are protected by a password. Instead of selecting the document format and split options for each file in the list, you can alternatively, enable the option on the “All Files” selection bar, just below the file selection pane. You can select any directory on your computer’s hard drive, which you want to use as “The Save to folder”, and the program will place the converted documents in it. 

And now to convert other documents to PDFs, you can use “The To PDF” tab. This allows you to import a lot of document types. Supported input file formats include: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSC, ODT, ODS, HTM, HTML, JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TIF, EPUB, MOVU, FB2. That is something which most office suites cannot do.  

Icecream PDF Converter Pro Coupon Code

Adding a document which you want to convert to PDF, is similar to the From tab’s options, i.e., you can either use the drag and drop option or use the button to add files manually, by browsing your computer. 

Once you add the files for conversion, you will see the filenames of the chosen images and documents. In the case of pictures, the program displays the selected image’s resolution, and photo format. For documents, you will only see the name and the format. Click on the gear icon next to each listed file, and you will see a pop-up window with 2 tabs. The File Settings tab allows you to edit the output PDF’s filename, title, and publisher name. You can also add a password to the output document, to prevent unauthorized access. 

You can use the Layout settings tab, which is exclusive for image-based PDFs, to define the image size of the PDF. The original size can be retained or you can scale the picture. The page size options allow you to choose between the Letter, A3, A4, A5, B5 and fit image options. The rotate option can be used to alter the angle of the image 90-degrees (0°, 90°, 180° and 270°). The orientation of the PDF can be set to either Portrait or Landscape based on the picture’s size. Finally, you can set the position of the picture on the page using the given selection options. All changes which you make on this tab, can be seen instantly, using the thumbnail preview displayed on the screen. 

Icecream PDF Converter allows you to save multiple documents or images as a single PDF, when you enable the “Merge all into one PDF file” option. But you can also convert just 1 document or picture to a PDF too, if you want to. 

And that’s just how easy it is, to create a PDF from documents and images, or the other way around. 

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