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Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro Coupon Code

Do you have a lot of PDF files? Do you read them in their default format, or have you ever split them into multiple files for ease of use? The problem is, most people don’t know which software to use for this purpose. 

Why not try Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro? That’s what we used to split eBooks, and we were very impressed with it.  One look at the interface of Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro, and you can say that it is user-friendly.

The start screen of the program has just two options: Split or Merge. You can click on one of the options, to get started with the program. It doesn’t matter which option you select, you can switch to the other one anytime from the main screen. Speaking of which, the main screen of the application has two tabs: Split and Merge. They function quite differently though, as we are about to explain. 

The Split tab has a small pane, a set of options, and a toolbar. To add a PDF file which you want to split into multiple documents, you can either click on the pane which says “Add file”, or drag and drop a PDF from Windows File Explorer on to the GUI of Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro. This will change the pane’s view, to display the filename of the selected PDF, the folder where the PDF file is located. A thumbnail preview of the PDF’s first page, is displayed on the left edge of the pane. 

You can also see how many pages the PDF has in the same screen. Now, here is the best part. You will see a preview option just below the filename, which opens the document in a new pop-up window, using the built-in PDF reader in Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro. This actually works even if you don’t have any other PDF reader installed on the PC, which is quite incredible. The Delete option in the Split screen, will clear the selected PDF files, so you can add a different one, in case you selected the wrong one. 

There are 4 radio buttons below the PDF preview pane. The first option can be used to split the PDF document, into several single page files. So, if you have a 10 page document, you can split that into 10 files. 

The second option, allows you to save the PDF by splitting the document into multiple files, by groups of pages. If you selected a 30 page PDF, you can set N number of pages per file, where N is the page group which you set. It can be any number, for example : 3 or 5, and you will get 10 or 6 files respectively. You can also configure which page number, the program should start from. So, you can skip pages 1 to M, where M is the number of the page in the document, which the PDF splitter should start from. 

Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro Coupon Code

The third option, is useful if you want to delete specific pages from the PDF. Sometimes PDFs have some unwanted pages with no content, but may have a logo, or something which you don’t need, so this option is pretty useful for deleting the pages, and to only save the relevant content. To delete pages, you have to enter the page number of the specific page, and you can add multiple pages for deletion, by adding the page numbers, one at a time. 

The fourth and final option to split PDFs using the application, is by selecting a page range. This breaks the document based on page intevals which starts “From” and ends at “To”. For example, you can choose page numbers like “From 1” “To 10”, “11” to “23”, and the program breaks the PDF into the intervals which you define, instead of regular intervals like every 5 or 10 pages. 

The Save to option, can bes used to select where the Split documents will be saved. You can choose the same folder where the original PDF is located, or a different location. The advanced settings can be used to set permissions for the PDFs which can allow editing, printing and copying of the file. 

You can also add a password to your converted PDFs to lock them, from unauthorized access. The title and author tabs can be customized too. The filename prefix tab allows you to set a base name, followed by a splitter which can be the page number or the current date or time, or a counter, so all the PDFs which were saved as a result of being split from the original document, will follow the same naming pattern. The Split button is what you need to start the cutting process, which creates multiple PDFs from the document which you selected. 

The Merge tab has much simpler options in comparison. You can add PDFs to the program in the same way. But since the “Merge” option is for joining multiple PDF files together, this works like a “batch file” program. Once you add 2 or more PDF documents, you will be able to see how many pages are there in each file, and whether the files are password protected. In case your documents were encrypted with a password, the program will prompt you to enter the password to unlock the file. This works in the Split tab too. 

To select a page range in the merge tab, click on the “Pages” column, and choose the “from” and “to” pages for each PDF. The magnifying glass icon can be used to preview the PDF using the built-in reader, while the bin icon deletes the corresponding PDF from the queue. You can use the up and down arrow buttons to rearrange the PDFs in the order you wish the documents’ pages to appear in the final PDF which you want to merge them as. To add more PDFs to the queue, use the + button. 

The Save to folder setting allows you to select the folder where the PDF will be saved in to, while the filename option lets you enter the name which you want to save the document as. Click on the Merge option, to create a single PDF from the selected PDFs. Click on the Merge option, to create a single PDF from the selected PDFs.  

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