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Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro for Mac Coupon Code

Unlike Windows, which has a plethora of PDF tools, macOS isn’t blessed so. There are few apps which may offer you the same functionality of their Windows counterparts, but we found that most of these are not great. 

But we can recommend a great choice, Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro for Mac. The macOS app is on par with the company’s Windows app, so you have all of the features on your Mac. Allow us to explain, why we were impressed with the app. 

The start screen of the program has two options: Split and Merge.  This should be your first clue regarding how user-friendly the app is. Click on either option to go to the main screen of the app, you can change to the other mode anytime. 

You can add the PDF files to the app, in two ways. The first is by clicking the Add File option on the screen, which opens Finder, and you can browse your Mac’s storage for the files which you want to split or merge.  

The alternative way, is by using the drop zone which is available as a small pop-up window, in the app. You can move the drop zone window around. The purpose of the drop zone is that it allows you to drag and drop the PDF files from the Finder app in macOS. 

The files which you added, are displayed in a list on the interface of Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro for Mac. You can use this list, to view the file names of each document which you have added for splitting along with the file size of the document, along with the date when the PDF was created and modified. The app also displays how many pages there are in the PDF, and location of the folder where the document is stored on your mac’s hard drive.   

You can click on the thumbnail image of the selected PDF in the list, to preview the document, which opens the file in a pop-up window using the built-in PDF reader in the program. There is no limit to the number of PDF files which you can add to the queue, so you can either add just a single PDF, or as many as you want to. 

There are four selection options on the bottom of the app’s Split tab. The single-page files option, can be used to create a new PDF file, for every page in your source document. The resultant files will have the naming style as “filename_pX”, with the X being the page number of the correspoding page in the document which was selected as the source. 

The second option, “By groups of pages”, is useful, if you want to create PDFs using a defined number of pages, where you also select the starting page number. So, you could use this option to split a PDF into multiple PDFs, by say a group of 3 pages each, with the first one starting from page 1. The output PDFs created using this option, have names in the format filename_pX-Y. The X and Y are the numbers of the pages which were split as a group. 

The Delete certain pages option allows you to mention specific page numbers, corresponding to those from the source PDF, which will be skipped, while the rest of the pages are used for creating a new PDF file. The output documents are saved in this syntax: filename_edited_year_month_day_h-m-s, where h,m and s represent the hour, minute and second when the PDF was created. 

The “By Page Ranges” option, which is the final in the list, can be used if you want to select specific sets of pages. For example, if you have a 50 page PDF, but you only want to export some of the pages and skip the rest, you can do so using this option like page 1.5, 5-20, etc. The files are saved as filename_pX-Y, with the X and Y representing the numbers of the pages you selected.  

You can select the location of the directory, in which the PDFs which were split by the program are saved, using the Save Tp option. When you have configured all the “Splitting” options for your PDFs, you can click on the Split button, and Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro will do the rest, and your new PDFs will be ready in just a few seconds. 

If you add a password protected PDF as the source file in the program, Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro for Mac will prompt you to enter the password for unlocking the document. This works for both the Split and the Merge functions. 

Icecream PDF Split and Merge Pro for Mac Coupon Code

The Merge window also works quite similarly to the Split, in that it also has the drop zone, which you can use to add the PDF files. which you want to merge. Now, you can add a minimum of 2 files, and as many PDFs as you want to, to transform them all into one single PDF document. 

Every added document, is listed on the interface with details such as the filename, number of pages in each file, and a preview option to view the document, before the merging process. You can add more files to the queue, by using the plus button on the right. The arrow buttons can be used for moving PDF documents up and down the queue, to rearrange the order in which they will appear in the final PDF. Click on the Merge button when you are ready, and your PDF will be created and saved in the location, which you set.

There is a free version of the app available, which you can download to see first-hand how Icecream PDF Split and Merge works on your Mac. 

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