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Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Coupon Code

Want to record videos of your gameplay or create tutorial videos for your YouTube channel? What about capturing screenshots, which you can share on Facebook, or Twitter or on your blog? 

There are a lot of applications, which you can use for these purposes. But, which one should you use? We can recommend Icecream Screen Recorder Pro. Why? Let’s tell you. 

The interface of the application is user friendly, thanks to a simple design. There are 6 options on the main screen of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro. 4 of these options are on the toolbar on the top of the screen. If you just want to start working with the program, you can use the “Capture video” or the “Screenshot” options, both of which are available right on the middle of the screen. 

The capture video option when used, brings a bar which says “Select Area To Record”. You can drag the bar anywhere you want to on the screen. Then you can click and drag the cursor, to drag a box to choose the area, which will be recorded by the program. 

Don’t worry if the size of the box is not correct, because when you let the mouse button go, a new set of options appear. The area of the screen which you selected, is highlighted as a box, with 6 small boxes on the borders. Clicking on one of these boxes, allows you to resize the selection area. You can see the width and height of the selected area, on the top of the area itself. 

When you mouse over the screen inside the selected area, a zoomed in version of the same is displayed within the box. You may have noticed that the interface of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro was automatically hidden, when you used the “Select Area” option, and a new toolbar was placed on the screen. 

The toolbar is also movable, so you can place it anywhere on the screen. The toolbar’s bottom corner displays the height and width of the selected area, and a drop-down menu is beside it. You can use this menu to choose between commonly used screen resolution sizes from 160 x 120 pixels, 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1024 x 768, 720p HD, 960p, some of which are used by websites and video sharing services like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. You can also record your monitor’s entire screen, by choosing the Full Screen resolution option, which is very useful if your display size is not among the default presets. 

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Coupon Code

The Timer tool allows you to set a time limit, after which the program will stop recording the video. By default, you can quickly set the timer to 1 minute, or 3 or 5 or 10 or 30 or 60 minutes. But you can use the custom option, and set it to any number of minutes you want to. The Switch option is used to switch from the active area recorded by the application, so you can access your regular programs and other content on your computer. 

The Area tool can be used to reselect the area, which has to be recorded by the application. The Draw tool, despite its name, has a ton of options. You can use it to draw something with the pencil tool, or add arrows, geometric shapes, highlight text, and text based content (for tutorials), adjust the font size, the brush size, color, etc. You can also add your own watermarks to protect the content which you created. 

The + and – magnifying glass icons, allow you to zoom in to a part of the video or to zoom out. You can also use Icecream Screen Recorder Pro with your webcam and capture the content from that, and use it with your video. The audio volume option determines how loud your recorded video’s will be. And similarly the microphone volume option lets you adjust the input voice and sound volumes. 

When you have configured the program’s settings, you can use the “Rec” option to begin recording the video. This starts a 3 second timer, after which the recording will begin. You can pause or stop the recording at anytime. Videos which are recorded by the program can be saved in WebM, MP4, AVI or MOV formats, and you can also choose the video quality from: High, Medium, and Low options. 

Let’s go back to the main screen of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro. Select the screenshot option, and you will find that the toolbar for this, is similar to the video recorder’s. The Draw panel, switch, and area selection options are all available for the screenshot tool too. Click on the screenshot icon, to capture a screen-grab of the chosen area or screen size. You can copy the screenshot to the clipboard directly, or use the URL option, which uploads the screenshot to the Icecream server. 

On the main screen of the program, you will see a list of all the content which were recorded/captured by Icecream Screen Recorder Pro. Clicking on the drop-down menu next to the capture video or screenshot options, allows you to quickly select an area to record the on-screen content from. 

The Capture Audio option can be used as a sound recorder, and also for selecting the bit-rate quality iof the same. The Tasks tab, allows you to select an area of the screen, after which you can set the date and time when the recording should start and end. This task will run at the scheduled time automatically. 

There is a basic built-in video editor and image editor, which can be accessed from the list on the main screen of the program. You can also convert videos to GIFs, or upload the videos and pictures directly to Google Drive or Dropbox from the “More” panel on the main screen. The application installs the required codecs during the setup process, so you don’t have to manually download and install the same, which is nice, as it saves some time. 

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