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iDoctor Premium+ Coupon Code

Is your Mac laggy? Are you running low on hard drive space? Worried that your Mac could get infected by a virus? If the answer to anyone of those questions is yes, don’t worry. You are not alone, many macOS users suffer from similar issues. But how do you fix these issues? By using a reliable app such as iDoctor Premium+. Here is our impression of the app’s features

The app has a highly polished interface with a light theme, which is designed to be user friendly. The first screen you will see is the Start Scan screen, which can be used to analyze your macOS for issues. It will take you to the main interface of the app, which consists of a side panel and a large portion which takes up the rest of the GUI’s real estate.

iDoctor has a Mac Health Rate system, which rates your Mac’s performance and security on a scale of excellent to medium and serious. Excellent means your Mac is running at its best performance, while the other two means it has some issues.

You can access the professional assistance of the iDoctor team from the sidebar in the app. There are two options, Scan and Treat, and iDoctor on Demand. This will display a list of options which you can use to take actions. But to help you make your decisions iDoctor has Apple-certified support professionals who will assist you with the app.

They are available 24 x 7, and you can chat with them right from the interface of iDoctor. It’s kind of like a doctor making a friendly house visit, don’t you think? These guys will go through the list of detected issues, and give you suggestions on how best to improve the performance of your Mac. This includes which option to select to clean junk files, secure your privacy, etc.

But if you want to take actions yourselves, you can do so too using the security and utility options which are available in the app.


You didn’t think that cleaning junk files and optimizing your Mac is the only thing that iDoctor can do, did you? No, it can do far more. For example, it has a built-in antivirus which is powered by Avira, which helps in securing your Mac.There are two tools in the security tab, an Internet Security which offers Safe browsing to protect your Mac from bad websites, and malware when you are connected to the internet. But you will be happy to know that the app secures your system even when you are offline.

The other security tool in the app, is the Theft Tracker. This can be used to track your stolen Mac device. If such a thing happens, you can simply contact the iDoctor team and report the theft, and they will give you the location of the device, and a snapshot of the thief, the IP address it is connected to, taken using the camera on the device. You can then use this data to report it to the police, and try to recover your device, along with the data on it.

There are several other utilities available on the sidepanel of iDoctor’s interface, which are listed under the Pro Toolkit category:

The Duplicates Cleaner is a scanner which can be used to analyze your computer for multiple copies of a file, which can be deleted to recover some storage space. This scanner is so intelligent that it detects duplicates of files, even if the file name is different.

iDoctor Premium+ Coupon Code

The App Uninstaller is a clean uninstallation tool, as in it can delete apps along with any remnant files which they may have left behind, such as caches, preferences, and logs etc, which can chew on your storage space.

The Restore Files option is a handy utility, which can be used to un-delete, i.e., recover files which you may have accidentally deleted. The File Encryptor tool can be used for securing your confidential files and lock them with a password, which cannot be decrypted without it. The Data Finder is a search tool, which can scan files and pin point their precise location so you don’t have to manually look for them.

The Disk Monitor is another useful tool which keeps an eye on your hard drive, and shows you via a visual representation of file sizes, how your disk space is being used by various files. You can use it to see which files are using too much space and delete them if you want to.

The Apps By Default tool lists which apps are set to handle specific file formats, and allows you to set a different one if needed. Software Update detects installed apps, security patches, app performance optimizations, on your Mac and notifies you when a new version of an app is ready to be downloaded. This helps reduce security risks which older versions of apps may have.

The Quick Cleaning tool scans your mac for issues, and cleans the unwanted files without manual intervention to free up storage space and clear private data from your browsers. The Files Backup tool is useful for saving backup copies of important files, so you don’t lose them by deletion or other instances.

Can you find a better or more user friendlier app to help your Mac run in top speed? We doubt it. iDoctor is by far the best app we have seen in its genre.

By selecting the Premium+ (or Premium Plus as you may call it), plan for iDoctor you will get 24-months of top notch service from the company. This includes full support for Mac Health Monitoring, Live Chat with 24 x 7 tech support, a personal Mac health rate expert, a priority theft tracker, and you also save a lot of money by option for this plan.

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