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iMobie AnyTrans Coupon Code

As an iPhone or iPad user, there is one app which we know you will have to use for sure, iTunes. Apple’s key app is essential for many things, from music, videos, apps, games, OS updates, etc, you rely on the app for everything iOS. But there are many areas where we find the app to be underwhelming, for example file transfer limitations, photo and album management, contacts backup, etc.

That is why we use an app which can fill in the gaps, where iTunes doesn’t shine. Let’s go ahead and meet AnyTrans. One of the biggest drawbacks in iOS, is that it does not allow you to view the file storage system of the device, on your computer. Unless you jailbreak the iOS device. But you don’t need to jailbreak the device for using it with AnyTrans, you just have to select the File System option, and you can copy, edit, transfer files just like you normally would..

This app from iMobie works on Windows and macOS, and can do more than just transfers. Let us see the more important features which AnyTrans is capable of.

iMobie AnyTrans has a pleasant GUI which is also user friendly. There are 6 icons on the toolbar on the top left corner of the AnyTrans window. These represent the iTunes Library, iTunes Backup, iCloud Content, Device Content, Video Download and Appearance.

The iTunes Library can be used to transfer content from your iTunes to your computer, without even connecting the iPad/iPhone. This includes music, playlist, audio books, photos, videos, ringtones, etc. If you do connect the iOS device to the computer, you can use iMobie AnyTrans for transferring the content to it.

Simply plugin the device, and select one of the many shortcuts available on the screen. This includes merge device which lets you copy data from one device to another, content to PC/Mac which copies data from the iPhone to your computer. The Content to iTunes option, transfers content from your device to iTunes.

Fast Drive is amazing, in that it turns your iPad and iPhone into a USB storage device, which you can use to carry any file you want, and then transfer data from it to a computer.

Content to Device can copy data from your computer on to the device. Files which cannot be transferred will be greyed out in the browser pop which appears. The Add content option can be used to adds content to your iTunes, while the clone device option can be used to take a backup of the entire device, and restore it to another iOS device. This includes your voice memos, notes, messages, contacts, calendar, call history, apps etc. This is an excellent way to migrate to a new iOS device, without having to start from scratch.

You can set the AnyTrans app to handle exporting and transferring content from the device to the iTunes library, like choosing only to export the app setup or the app program and its data. Similarly you can select import, upgrade, and downgrade options, as well as the output format for your data, Apple Safari browsing history and bookmarks, contacts, call history, calendar, messages, and notes. You can save them in text, vcf, csv, html formats, as per the format which each of the data supports.

AnyTrans can be used to manage your Photos and Albums, and you can even create new albums using the app.

iMobie AnyTrans Coupon Code

iMobie AnyTrans can be used to manage all of your audio, so you can use it to transfer music, ringtones audio books, voice memos, and playlists on your iOS device, and allows you to transfer all of these between the computer and the iPhone, and also delete unwanted files from the device. Likewise you can use the app for managing and transferring video content such as movies, home videos, tv shows, music videos, photo videos, time lapse, and slo-mo.

You can save all of your personal data from the iOS device to your computer including Podcasts, Voicemail, Books, Calendars, Notes, Messages, Contacts, Safari bookmarks and browsing history.

iMobie AnyTrans can work with your iCloud account, using which you can add photos, contacts, notes from your computer to the cloud. And you can also download data from the cloud to your computer, including contacts, notes, calendars, reminders etc. The data which you add to the iCloud account, is synced to and fro, and kept up to date with the changes you make.

AnyTrans can also be lets you preview and save all your contacts, messages, contacts, notes, photos, videos, calendars, reminders, to the cloud. You can also use the app to extract all of the aforementioned file types from your iCloud Backup, and save it on to your computer.

The Merge device option can be used for transferring content from one iOS device to another, while still preserving the data on the device to which you are merging the files onto. So you can rest assured that any existing data on the target device, will not be erased.

AnyTrans has a video downloader, which can save online videos from YouTube and other video websites directly on to your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

The Switch Appearance option can change the look of iMobie AnyTrans to one of many different themes including Space Black, Rose Pink, Space Gray and White Christmas. These theme are not built in, but there is a download button, which will download and install the theme on to the app in a single click of the mouse, after which you only have to select the Apply option.

iMobie AnyTrans works on all forms of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and on all macOS versions from 10.8 to the latest High Sierra. It works with all iPhones (from 3G to the latest iPhone 7Plus), iPads (all generations), iPods.

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