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iMobie AppTrans Coupon Code

Getting a new iPhone or iPad? Or got one as a gift? It’s a fantastic feeling to own such a premium device, but there is a small issue. You have to move your content from your existing iPhone to the new iOS device. That is such a hassle, isn’t it?

You can backup your photos, videos, etc easily, either storing it locally or on a cloud storage server like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. But what about the more important data in your device? Like your apps and games. Surely you have some good apps on the phone, which have some irreplaceable data. And you may have played some games, and want to carry over the progress on it, to a new device. This may not be an issue if the games or apps have cloud backups or cloud saves, but what if they don’t? And what if you have to move dozens of apps and games?

What do you do? You download the app or game on to the new iOS device, from the App Store. This consumes a lot of time, and of course precious data. What if you could simply copy the apps and games from one device to another? Is this even possible? Of course it is, thanks to a wonderful app from iMobie App Trans.

And you know what, it works on macOS machines, and on Windows computers. That’s not all, you do not even have to jailbreak your iOS device, for AppTrans to work. That is awesome, but let’s get to the features to see what else AppTrans can do.

The interface of iMobie AppTrans is very minimalistic. In fact, it is the most user friendly program we have seen. The starting screen of AppTrans has two panes a couple of buttons, and some app transfer options. The panes represent the devices you have connected to the computer. You are not restricted to a specific pane for a transfer direction, i.e, you can transfer content from the device listed on the left side to the right, or the other way around. That’s pretty cool.

Now, you just have to connect the iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch device which you want to transfer your apps and games from, and the other iOS device, which you want to save the content on to to the same computer. When you plug the devices, the screen will change to display the names of the two devices just above the panes, and all of the apps and games which you have installed on the device is neatly listed in the corresponding pane.

AppTrans also displays the version number of each app or game installed on the devices. You can select the specific app which you want to transfer, by marking the checkbox next to it. This also works with batch app transfers. But keep in mind, once you begin the process, the transfer will take place and the app will be installed, once the transfer has been completed. So, it will take some time to finish, if you have selected a lot of apps, basically it depends on the size of the apps. But this should not be a problem, as it is quite speedy when you use it with a device which has a lightning connector.

The next step is to actually transfer the data using the program. There are a total of three transfer modes available in AppTrans. You can see them on the bottom of the iMobie AppTrans window:

Only transfer App program
Only transfer App data (such as game progress. user files and settings)
Transfer entire App program and data

iMobie AppTrans Coupon Code

The first option, “Only transfer App program”, will just copy the app or game from the source device, and install it to the destination device. The data from the app will not be copied in this method.

Don’t worry if you selected the first option, you can still copy the apps user files, settings, game progress, etc. For that, you just have to select the second option, which is Only transfer App data. You can also use this option when you have installed an app or game from the iTunes App Store, and still want to restore data from another installation.

And last but not the least, the Transfer entire App program and data, as the name implies, will transfer both the app and its data to the device. This is the best option if you are migrating data from an old iPhone or iPad, to a new one.

Select one of the transfer options from the three methods which we explained, and then click on the Transfer Select App to Right or Left button, depending on the source and destination device directions. This will bring up a transfer progress window. In addition to displaying the current transfer progress, it will also show the overall progress in case of multiple app transfers.

Speaking of multiple content, if you have apps which use multiple Apple accounts, you will have to authenticate them individually before you can use them. Also remember, iMobie AppTrans only works with apps which you have purchased from the AppStore. Apps from third party sources are not compatible with the program.

iMobie AppTrans works with all versions of Windows from Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and Windows 10, and on macOS 10.6 and above. The simplicity and effectiveness of AppTrans is perhaps its best feature, biut we have not seen any other application which can actually transfer apps and games device-to-device, in such an easy manner.

The fact that you don’t need iTunes at all for the transfer process is what impressed us the most, especially considering that iTunes can easily take up a lot of storage space for downloading the apps for the sake of taking backups.

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