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iMobie MacClean Coupon Code

When was the last time you deleted files from your Mac, to free up space. If you are a Macbook user with limited storage space like me, you know the pain of being restricted to a small capacity hard drive. We run out of space quickly, and it is really annoying having to browse through the entire computer.

But before you delete your favorite movies, music and pictures, or even uninstall apps, think about whether there is an alternative. Can I free up space using a cleaner app? If so which one do I choose?

And does my Mac need an antivirus? Of course it does, have you heard about the ransomware outbreaks in recent times? While many of those are affecting Windows computers, there are many malware out there which target macOS devices too. What if there was a solution to tackle both of these issues at once?

Say hi to the answer that is iMobie MacClean. This fantastic app will ensure your device never runs of storage, by cleaning junk files and more. Let us see what the app looks like, and learn more about it. iMobie MacClean has a simple and modern GUI, which is aesthetically pleasing. There is a side panel on the left edge of the app’s window. The pane on the right displays the options which correspond to the selection made on the side bar.

The side bar has two main sections: Cleanup and Utilities, which are divided into several sub-sections.

Cleanup has 5 tools: System Junk Cleanup, Internet Junk Cleanup, Malicious Cookie Cleanup, Privacy Issue Cleanup and Security Issue Cleanup.

iMobie MacClean Coupon Code

System Junk can be used for scanning for data which has been accumulating in various areas of macOS, such as user files, development junk, OS junk, and leftover junk from apps. Click the scan option to begin the process. Once the app finishes scanning, you will see a breakdown of the results on a new screen, which includes the amount of data in each of the aforementioned categories. You can click the review details option, to analyze the data, before clicking on the clean button. You can uncheck files which you do not want to delete and then hit the back button, and proceed with the cleaning process.

Internet Junk CleanUp allows you to scan for the browsing history, download history, cached files and cookies, not just from Apple Safari, but from all web browsers you may have on the mac, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera. If you don’t clean these juk files from time to time, your computer will accumulate many gigabytes of data. iMobie MacClean’s Internet Junk CleanUp also allows you to review the data which you wish to preserve and which ones to delete.

One of the biggest risks which are a result of browsing, is privacy. Yes, your privacy, Browsers store login data in cookies, and this includes your personal information, email address, and data from financial websites. Malicious cookies can steal such valuable or rather invaluable data, and trick you by redirecting you to dangerous websites, or worse leak your data to a hacker. How exactly does one identify a safe and unsafe cookie? iMobie MacClean’s Malicious Cookie Cleanup does the job for you by scanning your browsers’ data, and then allows you to review the files, before cleaning them.

If you want to prevent other users from going over your usage, you are in luck. The Privacy Issue Cleanup in MacClean, scans for recent app usage, recent documents, and private history from apps, and offers you to review the data, before deleting them permanently.

Security is a major problem for all internet users, as your computer can get a virus from literally anywhere. You can use the Security Issue Cleanup in iMobie MacClean, to scan for dangerous apps, malware, and other risks, The results can be reviewed, and you can quarantine any detected risk, or delete it if you want to.

Utilities consists of 4 sub-sections: Cleanup Tools, Optimization Tools, Quarantine and MacClean Update.

Cleanup Tools has 4 tools, with the first being an Old and Large Files scanner. This allows the app to scan for files which are dated, and also large in size, which you can review and delete to free up space.

Similarly the Duplicates Finder can scan and list duplicate copies of the same files, so you can delete the dupes to save up precious space for other files.

MacOS is great, but the apps which you install on it often ship with a lot of language files, most of which you won’t even use. The Language Files Clean tool in iMobie MacClean, can be used to find and delete the unwanted ones, which in turn reduces the space used by the apps, paving the way for music, videos, documents, or even more apps and games.

File Eraser is a secure file deletion tool, which has three methods for deleting content, Standard Erase, Safe Erase and Top Security Erase. You can add files or folders, and select an option to shred the files. This ensures that the files which you delete cannot be be recovered by anyone.

App Uninstaller lists all of your installed apps, and helps in uninstalling them completely, without leaving any leftovers. You can use it to batch uninstall apps too.

iPhotos is great, but has a minor annoyance, in that it creates duplicate copies of your photos, when it fits the photos to the device’s viewing angle. This is done automatically, but many people are not aware of this, and the sizeable chunk of storage which these duplicate photos eat up. iMobie Clean’s iPhoto Clean utility can scan and delete the duplicate copies, without deleting the original photo.

The Binary Junk Remover can find and delete unwanted binary files created by your mac, which can improve the speed of your computer, and also frees up the space. The Extension Manager in the app can be used for deleting widgets, app plugins, and add-ons which maybe slowing down your mac. Trash Sweeper is a privacy tool, which permanently deletes trash folders form iPhotos, MS Office, etc so they can’t be recovered.

The iOS Backup Cleanup tool can help you delete old backups of your iOS device, which may be gathering dust (digitally), and eating up your storage space.

Quarantine works similar to the Security Issue Cleanup tool, excepe that it stores detected malware and deletes the files when you select it to.

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