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Over the course of time, our devices get cluttered with content which we may have used once, but no longer need. This not only impacts computers and Macs, but also smart devices such as your Apple iPhone and iPad.

iMobie PhoneClean Coupon Code

Now most apps available on the App Store claim they are the best cleaner apps. But some go overboard and even promise boosting the speed of the device. These apps have another hindrance, in that they also require some manual effort to work. You have to open the app, and run whatever option the app offers, and these apps are always on your phone eating up precious storage. That defeats the whole purpose of a cleaner app on a decice, with limited storage. And don’t even get me started on the limited content the apps can clean.

That’s not the case with iMobie PhoneClean though. The app is special, because you can only use it with a Windows computer or a macOS machine. The apps are identical in terms of features, and let us tell you more about it.

The interface of iMobie PhoneClean, is actually very polished and neatly divided into 8 sections.

  • Silent Clean
  • Quick Clean
  • Internet Clean
  • Privacy Clean
  • System Clean
  • Erase Clean
  • Toolbox
  • Restore

Silent Clean

Silent Clean as the name suggests is an automated process. This works in a very unique way, as it purges unwanted data, and junk files from your iPhone, when you enter the range of your home’s Wi-Fi network. It has a smart way to detect which files are important, and which are not, and deletes only rhe content which it deems is unnecessary. How cool is that? This works without you having to connect the device to your computer, or any manual effort whatsoever.

Quick Clean

The app will detect your device when you plug it in the computer, and display the name of the connected iOS device, if you have multiple ones, on the top of the app window. Quick Clean works similar to Similar Clean, but is a manual process which gets better with time. It knows which files are not required, by checking various data such as app caches, cookies, temporary files, crashlogs, iTunes radio cache, photo cache, photos in trash, etc. It can also scan for large and old media files, user stored files, to free up space.

iMobie PhoneClean Coupon Code

Internet Clean

The most common way in which data is accumulated on phones, is when you browse the internet. Everything from downloads, to browsing websites, checking messages and emails, watching videos stores a lot of data on your iPhone and iPad. While this happens with social networking apps, instant messaging apps, it is actually more noticeable on a specific app.

That is Apple Safari, the default browser app, which the devices are shipped with. The Internet Clean option in iMobie PhoneClean, negates this issue by clearing the cache, cookies, history and webmail caches from Safari, in order to free up the storage which it was using.

Privacy Clean

Privacy is a serious concern among internet users today, and iOS devices are prone to issues just like the rest of the crowd. Relying on iOS’ default way of dismissing and deleting messages, call logs, etc, is unwise, as they can be recovered with specialized tools. But you can use iMobie Phone Clean to ensure that your call histories, FaceTime chat histories, SMS, iMessages, audio, video, photos, notes, voicemail, etc are permanently deleted for your privacy. This is possible thanks to the Safe-Deletion feature, which shreds the data making it impossible to recover.

System Clean

One of the things which slows down your phone or tablet, are apps which run in the background actively, even when you are using some other app. While this may help in multitasking, it uses precious resources, You can use the System Clean option in iMobie PhoneClean, to close all active apps in a single click. Likewise, there are data left behind when you uninstall apps, from iOS Notifications, iMessages, etc. These can be deleted safely using the System Clean to free up the space for other apps, media, etc.

Erase Clean

Upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad? Before selling the device or trading it, or handing it down to someone else, you should consider your privacy. You don’t want strangers reading your messages, emails, view the contacts, call history, photos, videos, and browsing data. They could use it to steal your identity or track your contacts, etc. Fortunately for you, iMobie PhoneClean has an Erase Clean option, which can completely wipe the data on the device, using military grade algorithms which made the data unrecoverable.


This section of iMobie PhoneClean has multiple tools, hence the name Toolbox. You can these for a variety of purposes from cleaning duplicates entries from your contacts, corrupt or temporary media files, leftover data from apps which were uninstalled, and so much more. This also includes options to manage and delete notes, calendars, photos. There is a tool, which specializes in repairing corrupted media, which can happen during an iTunes syncing issue.


A good cleaner app isn’t really perfect, unless it has a proper backup option to undo the changes which it made. And you can safely bet on PhoneClean, as it offers you options to create backups, before any of the cleaning actions are run. This backup process is quite speedy, and allows you to store up 10 backup points, which you can restore from, on your computer’s hard drive. Worried about running out of storage space on your hard drive? You can select any backup you don’t want, and delete it.

iMobie PhoneClean is a fantastic way to ensure your iPhone and iPad do not run out of storage. It definitely is a fantastic alternative for iTunes, in fact the extra features make PhoneClean a highly superior app.

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