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The best thing about smartphones and tablets, is that we can carry around all our data with us wherever we go. We can watch movies, listen to music, take photos, shoot videos, browse the internet, play games, etc on the go. But even the best devices in the world, are not without their flaws. iPhones and iPads are no exception to this.

The only downside to these devices, being the limited amount of storage, which they come with. And since there is no memory card slot in any of Apple’s devices, it falls up to the user, you, to manage the storage space on your device efficiently.


iMobie PhotoTrans Coupon Code

Sadly, this means sacrificing content for new ones. In other words, what a lot of people do is that they tend to delete content from their phones and tablets, even if they are pretty important like photos, music and videos, to free up space. While doing so, if you are not careful enough, you could lose precious photos which you took, invaluable moments from your life, which you cannot get back. Ouch, what is a good way to prevent this? You have to organize your content in a way, that is efficient, and can also be as cool way to show off the pictures in neat albums.

Fortunately there is an excellent app, which you can use for managing the photos on your Apple iPad or iPhone. Meet iMobie PhotoTrans, and this software is available for both Windows and macOS.

iMobie PhotoTrans has a polished and modern interface, with nice colours. Once you connect an iPhone or an iPad or an iPod touch, the screen will change to display the storage capacity of the devices. There is a bar on this screen, which shows how much storage is used on the device, and text indicators which mention how much of the storage is used up by photos and how much space is taken up the by other content.

This includes sub sections which are on the device like the Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream and My Albums. The icons of each of these folders has a counter which shows how many pictures, are in each of the folders. This gives you an idea of which of the folders which needs to be organized, i.e., the one which has the most data in it.

There is a thumbnail bar on the bottom of this screen, which can be used for viewing the images in the folder which you have selected. There are four options just above the thumbnails bar: Refresh, Slideshow, Import and Export.

Click on the export option, to save photos from the device to the computer. You can select the folder location, where the pictures should be saved. If you wish to take a back up of your entire image library, you can do that too, thanks to the batch image transfer, and Mobie PhotoTrans can transfer these files at 3X the speed, when used with a USB 3.0 port to Lightning connector.

The import option does the opposite, as in it transfers the photos from your computer, on to the iPhone or iPad which you have connected. You can transfer photos by folders, or by specific photos which you select, which is something which Apple’s own iTunes app cannot do.

The Slideshow button on the iMobie PhotoTrans screen displays a slideshow of the pictures which you have selected. You can also open a slideshow by double clicking on the phone. This will open the photo within the app’s interface itself, and you can view the photos in full screen, zoom in and zoom out of the picture, rotate the image etc.

Want to view photos in a better way? You can, by selecting one of the four options on the main screen of the app, i.e Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, My Albums. This opens up a new screen with a side panel on the left edge, and a larger pane on the right hand side of the app’s window. The left side panel in iMobie PhotoTrans has the four picture folders which we mentioned, along with icons and the photo count in each of the folder. The right pane displays the thumbnail of the photos in the folder. But the more important thing is that the photos are displayed in a timeline view, as in the chronological order in which the pictures were taken.

iMobie PhotoTrans Coupon Code

Clicking on the plus or minus icon will expand the view. You can change the gallery’s view mode by clicking the view option on the toolbar, on the top right corner. This allows you to change between the time view, thumbnail view, or a list of the pictures in the folder.

The list will display the thumbnail of the photo, its name, the time stamp with details as when it was taken, and the photo’s size. You can use all this information to move files to and away from the device, as per your requirements.

You can use it to import, export, and delete photos in albums, or move it to a different album. This also works with entire albums, in the My Albums section, but there is a caveat, thanks to Apple’s iOS. You cannot delete an album which was created on the device, so you will need to do that manually from the iPhone or iPad’s OS instead.

To create a new album, simply click on the button in the toolbar, which says “New Album”. Then give it a name, and click ok. You can then add photos to it, and the new album will be added on the iOS device.

PhotoTrans is simple, easy to use, and performs basic functions which Apple should have included in iTunes. We can heartily recommend iMobie PhotoTrans to any photo enthusiast with an iPhone or an iOS device.

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