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If you believe that creating websites require tons of HTML expertise and hours of work, you are just flat out wrong. With Website X5 Evolution, you can have your own website, blog, or online store up and running in no time without any HTML input on your part. Not just that, but Website X5 Evolution also includes additional features that let you embed videos, insert advertisements, add multi-lingual functionality, and much more. The latest version — Website Evolution X5 12 — brings in various optimizations and additions to the table.

User Interface

Website X5 Evolution features a super-intuitive user interface that holds your hand through each phase of the design process. After starting a new project, you begin on the General Settings screen, where you get to input your website’s URL, title, description, etc., and select from over 1,000 website templates. The next step — the Map Creation screen — involves structuring your website’s sitemap. Moving on, you find yourself on the Page Creation screen, which lets you edit your Web pages by inserting content — text, videos, images, etc. You are then taken to the Advanced Settings screen, where you get to further customize — optimize for search engines, insert shopping carts, add multilingual support, etc. — your website. Finally, the Export screen lets you either publish your website via FTP or export it to local storage.

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Website Templates

The web-designing application gives you access to a constantly updated library of over 1,000 website templates — the latest version of Website X5 Evolution gives you access to even more templates when compared to earlier versions. Whatever you are focusing your website on — computers, fashion, or entertainment — you can find a template that fits your website’s theme. You can further customize available templates for structure, text style, device responsiveness, etc., using a variety of built-in customization tools that don’t require any form of HTML knowledge. If you are don’t find a suitable template, you can instead import them from local storage or create your own templates from scratch.

Structuring Websites

Website X5 Evolution gives you total control over your website, where you can clearly structure all available Web pages so that users and search engines alike can have an easier time accessing content. In addition, you can tweak the appearance of Web pages by adding custom website and page content backgrounds for individual pages. To give search engines a better chance at finding the content on your Web pages, you can add extended page titles, descriptions, and keywords; users who are proficient with HTML can also add custom code to further optimize pages for search engines.

Inserting Items

When it comes to defining the contents on each Web page, Website X5 Evolution gives you access to numerous objects such as images, videos, and product catalogues, where you can just insert related object modules and add content. The web-designing application also includes widgets, social network plugins, and a plethora of other miscellaneous objects. When inserting object modules to Web pages, you can create cells by inserting rows and columns to better manage content; you can also determine the responsiveness of objects on various devices and add custom resolution breakpoints accordingly. Proficient users can add their own HTML-based content by directly customizing objects.

Advanced Settings

Website X5 Evolution gives you access to several advanced features that you can use to further customize your website. For example, if you are interested in automatically optimizing your website’s sitemap for search engines, you can use the Statistics, SEO and Code option, while the Privacy and Security option allows you to add written website policies on data protection and cookie functionality. In addition, the application allows you to add a separate blog to your website where you can post updates, or integrate RSS feeds so that users can directly receive up-to-date info about your website. Further, you can create secure log-in portals for members, and add various e-commerce options — product catalogues, shopping carts, payment methods, etc. — when selling products online.

Previewing and Publishing

Before publishing, you can make use of Website X5 Evolution’s built-in Preview functionality to check out your website; you can also preview changes at any phase of the design process. When all’s said and done, Website X5 Evolution features a built-in FTP engine that allows you to publish completed websites immediately. After adding your domain’s FTP address, username, and password, you are ready to upload your website. Alternately, you can choose to either save your website locally on CDs, DVDs, and USB storage devices, or just mark it as an unfinished project so that you can get back to it later.

Should I Buy It?

Website X5 Evolution makes short work on all areas of website development. Whether its customizing or creating templates, optimizing site-maps for search engines, or adding content to Web pages, Website X5 Evolution’s plethora of tools gets the job done. With additional security features, access management tools, and the ability to integrate multiple e-commerce options, Website X5 Evolution serves as the complete package for all your website development requirements. While the application requires zero HTML knowledge, it doesn’t stop you from working at Web code directly, which makes Website X5 Evolution ideal for both novice and advanced users.

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