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One thing that every computer user likes to ensure, is that the device’s performance is efficient.

By this of course, I mean a computer which runs without lags, starts up quickly, and doesn’t throw out errors which may affect the user’s work.

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How does one care for the computer’s performance? The answer to that question is three fold:

Operating System: No operating system is perfect, and neither is one good without security and performance updates. Windows is no exception to this, and as such it is quintessential to make sure your computer has the latest Windows Updates.

Security: What good is a PC which ius vulnberable to malware, trojans and viruses? Prevention is better than than cure, as the old adage goes. And this ironclad logic, applies even in the digital world we live in today. A good antivirus program is your first line of defence, and which can be further strengthened with a companion application, aka a malware removal program.

De-cluttering data: A hard drive cramped with massive amount of data, is the primary cause of a slow PC. And so is the amount of invalid registry entries, which the computer tries to access and wastes time and resources, by doing so.

While these may give you an efficient PC, they are by no means enough to ensure top notch performance. So, what must a user do to make his or her PC run as good as new?Use Iobit Advanced Systemcare Pro of course.

The superbly designed system tweaking application, comes in three versions:  a free limited version, a Pro version and an Ultimate version with an anti-virus option. Advanced SystemCare Pro is a more suitable solution, if you already have an antivirus pplication installed.

The biggest advantage in the Pro version, is that you don’t have to keep it running all the time (in your system tray). You can exit the application, and run scans manually, if the AutoCare mode, is not your cup of tea.

Let’s take a look at Advanced Systemcare Pro’s main features:

The Interface:

Advanced Systemcare Pro’s interface, is by far one of the most well designed ones I have seen, in terms of the GUI and also when it comes to user friendliness. There are three themes skins available: Classic, Dark and Readable, which can be selected from the Settings menu, and which can be customized with a background picture and font size of your choice.

Now, as to the functionality, there are five sections in the program’s main menu, and these are the heart and brain of Advanced Systemcare Pro.

Clean & Optimize, Speed Up, Protect, Toolbox and Action Center.

Clean & Optimize:

As the name obviously hints, this section is where you clean up the browser’s cache,cookies and data, and also delete the invalid Windows Registry keys and missing shortcuts(those which remain after uninstalling applications). You can also optionally, choose to scan for and remove spyware, defragment the Windows registry, optimize the hard disk, system, internet speed, etc.

Hit the scan button, and wait for a detailed list of the results, which Advanced Systemcare Pro gives you. You can check each of the options, and then hit the fix button, to optimize your system.

Speed Up:

This tab comprises of 4 tools: Turbo Boost, Startup Accelerate, Deep Optimization and App/Toolbar Cleaner.

The first one, Turbo Boost, allows you to disable non-essential Windows Services, and also those services of other applications (third-party software), programs which run in the background and chewing up on your system’s resources. This ensures that your RAM is available for the applications you actually want to use. Choose from the Work Mode, Game Mode and Economy Mode, as per the requirements of your computing needs.

Startup Accelerate lets you manage the start up items, i.e., the applications and services which automatically run, when the computer starts. You can go through the recommendations that Advanced Systemcare Pro suggests, which will make your computer boot faster than before.

The Deep Optimization utility in Advanced Systemcare Pro, lets you optimize, the speed of your computer’s Hard Disk and Network and also, disable or enable various system related tweaks.

The App/Toolbar Cleaner is truly a lifesaver, when it comes to managing toolbars and also any plugins in the web browsers you have installed on your PC. You can delete unwanted ones with a simple click of the mouse.


This section allows you to protect your PC against security threats. The tools in this tab include:

  • Homepage protection – prevents malicious websites, or any applications from changing your browser’s homepage.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking – which deletes browser data including tracking cookies, and other privacy related data.
  • Realtime protector – prevents spyware from infecting your PC.
  • DNS protect – prevents malware from changing your system’s DNS settings.
  • Win10 Reinforce – provides security against trojans, hackers
  • Surfing Protection – A browser addon for security when you surf the web.


This is  basically a huge collection of tools in Advanced SystemCare Pro. This includes Iobit Products which you can download, Security & Repair tools, System Optimization tools, and System Cleaning tools.

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Action Center:

Advanced Systemcare Pro’s Action Center lets you buy and download other premium Iobit products, but you can hide this option with a click of the mouse.  The other more useful function, is the Software Update section which displays the information of your third-party software, and whether they are up to date, or outdated.

With a magnificent arsenal of system tweaking tools and cleaning utilities, Advanced Systemcare Pro is a no brainer for every user. Fortunately, we offer the best discount ever, for this great application. Get our exclusive Advanced Systemcare Pro Coupon Code today.