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What operating system do you have on your computer? Windows 10? Windows 7? It doesn’t matter. Regardless of what OS you have running on your PC, they all slow down as time passes by.

And nobody likes a slow computer.

How many minutes did you have to wait for the computer to start up? How long does it take for a program to load, or a game? Does your PC stutter when you use it for basic tasks?

If you pondered over these questions and quitly answered yes, to yourself, it means your PC is laggy. And you don’t have to upgrade your computer with the latest SSD and add more RAM to it, not everyone can afford those expensive hardware. All you need to do is to clear up the unwanted files (browser cache and other junk), clean up redundant registry entries and defragment the computer’s harddrive, and it will soon be running as good as new.

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The problem is, how do I do it? And when do I do it? With our busy lives and day to day tasks, we may forget to tend to our computer’s performance problems.

The best solution in this case, is to use an application designed to perform these tasks automatically. Meet Advanced SystemcCare Ultimate. Iobit’s system tweaking application, is one that I have used for many years, and never once has it failed me. When my computer became slow, I often used to switch between different anti-virus applications, hoping it would fix the problems. But it didn’t really, the only thing that worked was tweaking the system to perform efficiently, and for this reason, I relied on Advanced SystemCare.

Let’s take a look at what Advanced SystemCare Ultimate has to offer:

User-friendly interface:

One look at Advanced SystemCare Ultimate’s GUI, is all you need to know where everything is. The program has various tabs which are named appropriately, so there is no question of getting lost in the plethora of options it has to offer. The interface itself is neatly designed, with a pleasant choice of colors.

You can change the look of Advanced SystemCare, from the Settings > Skin. There are three options available: Classic, Dark and Readable (basically a White one). You can choose your own background picture and font size too, so there is a bit of customization available, but just a smidge.


Yes, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate does come with a built-in antivirus function. This is powered by two engines: the renowned Bitdefender engine and Iobit’s own Malware Fighter engine. It is fully compatible with third party antivirus applications (I’m using it alongside Kaspersky’s), and receives updates on a daily basis.

You can run a quick scan, or a full scan or even a custom scan (selected folders) from this window. There is an option called “Protection Details”, which allows you to toggle various options related to the antivirus and security settings.

Tip: Use the application’s settings menu to customize the options to your heart’s content. There are an incredible amount of settings to choose from.

Clean & Optimize:

This tab allows you to scan your computer and clean the Windows Registry, Delete Missing Shortcuts, Clean your browsing data, Remove spyware, Defrag the Registry, Optimize the system, disk, internet and more. You can uncheck the options which you don’t want to be optimized.

Running the scan will display a detailed list of results, which you can go through, and uncheck from being optimized. The Clean & Optimize also displays the health status of the computer with an emoji.

Speed Up:

This section of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate consists of 4 modules.

Turbo Boost: You can select the Windows Services, Non-Windows Services, and Background apps, which can be disabled to save the amount of RAM used. There are three modes to select from, depending on your performace requirements.

Startup Accelerate: This option allows you to select the apps and services which run on Windows Boot Up. Disabling some will help you with a faster startup time. Don’t worry, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate does show a recommendation for each startup item.

Deep Optimization: This module allows you to optimize the speed of the Hard Disk, Network and the System.

App/Toolbar Cleaner: Browser toolbars slowing you down or annoying you? This is the module you need to get rid of or manage the add-ons.


This is where Advanced SystemCare Ultimate excels. The Toolbox is host to a multitude of options which include the following sections:

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  • Iobit Products – Other Iobit freeware which you can download. Iobit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag and Iobit Malware Fighter, can be installed from within the Advanced SystemCare Ultimate interface.
  • Security & Repair – These st of tools allow you to fix errors related to Windows, the hard disk, recovering deleted files.
  • System Optimize – This is basically what Advanced SystemCare Ultimate does on its own, but you can still download the modules and run them individually. Options for these allow you to speedup your system
  • System Clean – As the name suggests, these modules are used for cleaning the registry, junk files, and additionally also has tools for finding empty folders, duplicate files, large files and more.

All icons in the Toolbox which have a downward arrow signify that the module has to be downloaded, and you can do so with a click of the mouse. The download can be cancelled by clicking the icon.

Action Center:

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate’s Action Center consists of two sections. One which serves as an add for other Iobit products, which are good freeware software.

And the other Software Updater which shows you whether your installed third-party software are up to date, or outdated.

With all these incredible tools in one package, Advanced SystemCare Ultimate is a must have for any user. And what better way to buy it, than with the best discount ever? Get our exclusive Advanced SystemCare Ultimate Coupon Code today.