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Malware, is a term you are likely familiar with. It is a form of a virus, which may not be as powerful, but yet, could cause considerable damage to your computer.

How exactly does a malware infect a PC? There is no one answer, to this question, but we’ll tell you the most common methods. USB Memory sticks, are the most common ways how a malware spreads from one infected computer, the memory stick was used on, to another one you plug it into.

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Imagine the damage it could cause, when a malware infects a PC filled with important office documents, personal photos, videos, or even your premium software and games. All of these could be erased, or even stolen, if the malware was powerful enough. For example keyloggers register the key strokes, which as user inputs, and sends them back stealthily to a hacker, who could use the information for his own malicious purposes. This includes data theft or identity theft.

Another way malware infect PCs are through malicious software bundled along with legitimate software, which the user may accidentally install on their computer. These malware which are usually some sort of browser toolbar or search engine or homepage changer, are called Potentially Unwanted Programs aka PUPS, and may be very difficult to remove.

Online malware are pretty common these days, and come in two forms. Those that are distributed via malicious email attachments or links. And the other one is through malvertising, i.e., when a perfectly normal online ad is hijacked by an attacker, and then injected with a malicious script, aka malware advertising. The unaware user who clicks on such ads could be tricked into installing a malicious software, which is often disguised like a popular software. Thus the attack begins.

How do we prevent such incidents from occurring? Prevention is better than cure, as the old adage goes. The first step is to ensure you know what you are doing online, which includes staying away from spammy websites, and unknown sources of software. The second one is to use a good anti-virus, which considerably reduces the chances of malicious infections.

But to increase the odds of staying safe and secure, is to ensure that your computer has a backup malware removal program. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro is one such program, and a job which it executes with perfection.

Don’t let the name fool you, the program not only prevents and deletes malware, it also protects and removes stubborn spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers too. This makes it quite a fighter indeed.

One unique thing about Iobit Malware Fighter Pro is that it has a Dual-Core anti-malware engine. Yes, it has two malware scanning engines, one which was built by Iobit, and one which is licensed to the company by the renowned anti-virus software developer BitDefender. But don’t worry, it is cully compatible with all anti-virus applications, so Malware Fighter won’t cause any conflicts whatsoever.

The GUI of Iobit Malware Fighter Pro is simplistic, yet modern which makes using it a very pleasant experience. There are four sections in the main screen of the program: Scan, Browser Protection, Security Guard and Acion Center.

The Scanner is of course the main function of the program. To run a scan simply click the button and choose one of the following options.

Smart Scan – Scans the most important ares if the operating system for infections.
Full Scan – Scans all your files on the hard drive and any storage device connected to the computer.
Custom Scan – Scans selected folders and files alone, which is useful if you just plugged a USB Stick to the computer.

It is always recommended to update the database to the latest version of it, before running a scan. But Iobit Malware Fighter Pro updates the database automatically so you don’t have to worry about it. And there is a fourth scanning option, in the form of a context menu item, using which you can simply right-click on a file in Windows File Explorer and scan it.

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro uses very little resources, so you don’t need to worry about system slowdowns or lags, even when the real time protection of the program is on. Even with a dozen apps running in the background, and a scan running on our computer, Malware Fighter was using only about 50 MB of RAM.

Browser Protection in Iobit Malware Fighter Pro keeps your computer safe from malware from websites. It prevents changes to the homepage of your browser, can clear your private data after you exit the browser, prevent changes to your DNS (internet connection), manage browser toolbars and add-ons (extensions), and also has a Surfing Protection add-on which tells you if a website is safe or not, and if it isn’t safe, the extension blocks access to the page.

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Security Guard is the real time protection module in the program, and guards your PC by blocking malware from attacking your Network, Files, Startup items and services, prevents malicious tracking cookies, lets you check and reinforce your Windows security settings, prevent malware from infecting USB devices, running in the background or even in the RAM.

Action Center is basically where you can choose to install other Iobit products from, it is completely optional though.

You can use the sidebar (by clicking the hamburger menu button) to view the program’s settings and change them, and also access the quarantine, scan logs and more.

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