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Is your PC getting slower day by day? Do you download a lot of files? Were files opening much faster before you downloaded many applications and games?

If you answered yes, to one of those questions, then the problem could be a cluttered hard drive.

You see, a computer’s hard drive is more than just a storage space, it is what communicates with the CPU, to make your operatings system function the way it does. But just like a human would get confused with a room full of endless folders and papers, a hard drive can also become slower, when it has large amounts of files.

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How would you solve the problem? You could arrange the folders alphabetically or categorically with labels, to quickly find the one you want. But, the same cannot be done with hard disks. A HDD comprises of tiny storage spaces called clusters, each of which contains sub-sections called sectors. These sectors can be next to each other, aka consecutive sectors, or much further apart.

It is these sectors which determine whether your PC’s hard-drive is fast or not. This is because, a file or folder can be stored in different sectors. And if they are in consecutive sectors, the speed at which they can be accessed is quite fast. Can you make a file or folder to store their data in consecutive sectors? You absolutely can, and this process is called Defragmentation.

The term so obviously suggests that it removes the fragmentation of files, i.e., the scattered files and propaerly organizes them so as to improve the speed of the hard disk. Windows does have a native defragmentation tool, but it is not very customizable, and not as powerful as third party tools.

This is where Iobit Smart Defrag Pro ranks as a champion. It truly is a piece of marvel, and one that is incredibly user friendly.

Let’s start with the interface, it is well designed with large icons and comes in two skins Classic and White (basically Dark and Light). The main screen of the application consists of four sub sections. The first one is called Disk Defrag.

Disk Defrag:

This is the core section of Iobit Smart Defrag Pro. It allows you to defrag your hard drives, all of them, even the ones which are connected via a USB port. Additionally, it also lets you defrag modern apps (Windows Store apps). The fourth option is what makes Smart Defrag even more useful, for it lets you add a custom file or folder and defrag that specific section alone.

There are many different ways to defrag a harddrive with Iobit Smart Defrag Pro. The first one is Defrag Only which justs defrags the fragmented files. The Defrag and Fast Optimize option helps to organise the data by elimiminating blank space quickly. For a more thorough elimination, you can choose the Defrag and Fully Optimize option.

The fourth option is Defrag and Prioritize Files, and this is the slowest of the lot. But there is a reason why it is slow, it is because the option is the most efficient method, and moves files thoroughly for maximum performance.

A fifth option exists, called Fast Smart Defrag, and which is exclusive to Pro users, which defrags the hard drive more quickly. If you aren’t sure which mode to select, just hit the analyze button and the application will tell you which mode is recommended. This is also what is done when you click on the “Smart Defrag” button, except it automatically runs the defrag option after the analysis has been completed.

In addition to manual defragging, there is an automatic mode called Automatic Defrag, which defragments the files when the computer is idle for a few minutes. The Intelligent Boost mode, another Pro exclusive, allows Iobit Smart Defrag to use Direct Access Memory for better efficient read-write frequency and performance.

You can customize the settings to make the application work in a way which suits you. You can schedule a defrag to run at a specific time.

Game Defrag:

This option, found in the main screen, lists the games you have installed on your computer. Iobit Smart Defrag can defragment these game folders, so that your games can run faster.

Boot Defrag:

This option allows Iobit Smart Defrag to run when Windows starts. It lets users to defrag the page and hibernation files, master file tables (MFT), system files and registry files. These system components cannot be defragmented, when Windows is running, which is why the option exists.

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Action Center:

This section lets you run other IObit products which you have installed on the PC. If they aren’t installed, you can download them from Iobit Smart Defrag itself. On the other hand, you may simply hide them from the screen with the “Hide” button.

Overall, Iobit Smart Defrag Pro is a brilliant way to boost the computer’s performance. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Iobit Smart Defrag Pro for an unbelievable price, with our exclusive Iobit Smart Defrag Pro discount code. You won’t find a better deal elsewhere.