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One of the biggest flaws in Windows, is undoubtedly the Registry. This is where all the programs and games store the values they need to function properly, including settings, license information, auto start during Windows boot, etc.

So why is this a problem. That is not the issue, but Windows’ default uninstaller function, which you access from the Control Panel, that is the real problem. You see, it cannot detect which registry entries have been left behind when you uninstall a program. This can severely slow down the computer’s performance, or the boot process, aka the time it takes for Windows to start.

Likewise, the default uninstall utility cannot find the remnant files which stay on your hard drive, even after you uninstall an application. This will eat the storage space on your hard drive. It’s too much of a bother to manually find the files and folders which you have to delete to recover the space.

This can be avoided by using Iobit Uninstaller Pro, a software designed to tackle remnant entries, files and folders. But it is not limited to such functionality, and can do much more.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro has a dark theme, which is perhaps one of the best we have seen in recent times. The Uninstaller has a searchbar on the top which you can use to search for programs which you have installed on your computer.

To the left edge of the GUI, is a side bar, which is divided in to 3 sections: Programs, Toolbars & Plugins, and Action Center. Selecting one of the modules on the side bar changes the view of the pane, to display its corresponding options on the large pane on the right side.

The Programs section has 5 tools in it:

All Programs, is the main screen in Iobit Uninstaller Pro, and displays all of your installed programs on the page. It has a sort bar which can be selected to change the order the list displays the programs in. You can change the sorting to list the programs by name, size, or the date when the applications were installed. You can sort the list alphabetically or numerically in ascending or descending order.

If you sort the list by size, you can see which programs is taking up a lot of space. The install date option can be used to find oldest or newest programs.

You can select any program which you need to uninstall, by using the checkmark on the left of the program’s name, and of course you can select multiple applications to batch unintall them, to save time. To perform the uninstallation, click on the delete button on the right edge of the screen, this is represented by a trash can icon.

Clicking on the trash can will bring up a confirmation screen, where you can select to create a restore point before the uninstall, and another which will automatically remove residual files which a normal uninstall may leave behind. The process is very speedy, which was really impressive than regular uninstaller tools. You can click on uninstall without checking the box for auto deletion of remnant files, and the program will display the registry items and files left behind, and you can delete them manually. You can even shred the remnant files, so that they are not recoverable by any tools.

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The Recently Installed option on the sidebar shows programs which were installed a week or two ago, so you don’t have to search through the main list for new programs. The Large Programs section lists programs which are using the most of the storage space. The Infrequently Used section can be used to find which programs you don’t use much, so you can decide to uninstall them to recover storage space, and prevent such programs from auto running, etc. The Windows Updates section in Iobit Uninstaller Pro, lists all installed Windows Updates, and you can even delete any of these, in case they are giving you issues.

The All Toolbars & Plugins option in the side panel can be used for removing plugins aka addons, and BHO (browser helper objects) from your web browsers. The plugins are listed by their name and a 5 star based user rating system, so you can find which ones have been rated as trusted by other users. You can uninstall plugins individually, or in batches.

There are specific tabs for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome, using which you can make Iobit Uninstaller Pro display only the extensions for that browser, and manage them accordingly. This can also be used for removing malicious plugins from browsers.

The Action Center consists of two sections: Security & Performance and a Software Updater.

The Security & Performance options are for other software from Iobit, which can optionally download and install, directly from the interface of Iobit Uninstaller Pro. You don’t need them for the Uninstaller to work though.

The Software Updater section lists all available updates for the programs installed on your computer. This includes the installed program’s name and version number, so you can choose to update the software if you want to. This is useful as it can be a great time saver, which would otherwise cost you many minutes of browsing the website of each software and checking for updates, that too on a regular basis. Iobit Uninstaller Pro can update your software in a single click of the mouse.

Besides auto cleaning the leftovers of programs which you have uninstalled, it has a faster cleaning method for removing adware, bloatware, etc. The Pro version also has a much bigger real-time database, for uninstalling programs efficiently. If you don’t like the dark theme, you can alternatively switch to a light UI theme, from the program’s settings.

There is a free limited version of Iobit Uninstaller, which you can try before you buy the Pro version.

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