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iolo Privacy Guardian Coupon Code

Have you ever noticed some emails in your inbox, about a product which you had searched for recently? This also happens when you buy something online. And also, when you may have clicked on an ad accidentally.

The reason why this happens is because of web browser cookies. You may notice that a lot of websites offer disclaimers about using browser cookies, to deliver a good experience.

But there are some companies which share your searches, and personal information such as your email address, for advertising purposes. That may be okay for them, but for us users, it is very creepy. Nobody likes to be followed online like that. Who knows who is going to use your private information, and for what.

Some web browsers offer privacy protection, aka incognito mode, where the cookies are not saved, to provide a certain level of security. But is it enough? The answer, unsurprisingly, is a big no. Websites can still track you and steal your data for their malicious purposes, thus compromising your security.

So, what is a good way to stop this? We suggest that you give iolo Privacy Guardian a try, and here’s why we say that.

iolo Privacy Guardian is a desktop application, which also has browser extensions which it uses to work with, to protect you. The desktop program is used to manage the application’s settings and access its core functionality the.

The interface of iolo Privacy Guardian is easy to use, thanks to its modern design. There is a side bar on the left edge of the program’s window and a right pane, which shows the information regarding each of the tabs in the sidebar.

The dashboard has two main sections in it: Tracking Activity and ID & Protection Status. The Tracking Activity shows information about which which websites tried to track you. There is a top five section in the Dashboard, where the 5 websites which tried to track you the most is listed. A counter is also available, for displaying the total tracking attempts blocked and shows how many were made all time, in a year, month, week and today.

Privacy Guardian can also quickly be accessed from the system tray. And whenever a potential tracking attempt happens, the program blocks it, and notifies you with a pop-up bubble from the system tray.

The ID & Protection Status is a privacy condition score chart, which is based on your browsing data, how much of personal information it contains. A small tab shows you how many cookies are currently stored by your browser, and when your browsing data was cleared.

The Browsers tab in Privacy Guardian’s sidebar, shows you how many browsers you have installed on your computer by listing them all with their icon, name, and the status of the Digital Fingerprint Protection. Digital Fingerprint is the process used by websites to observe what your browsing and shopping habits are, and then use this for showing ads based on the data. Sometimes, this results in price discrimination. That means, if the website detects you are browsing from a wealthy area, the prices of the products you are shopping for will be marked up in an unfair manner. And some websites which are insecure could be hacked by man in the middle attacks, to steal your credit card information.

Privacy Guardian can prevent all this with its Digital Fingerprint Protection, prevents scrips from tracking you, and scrambles the data which they use to gather personal data. This ensures that your online searches, videos you watched, websites you watched, credit card, income, credit score, loan, online shopping, and all your other personal information stay yours. The program even includes information about the individual scripts which the website used to try tracking you. You can enable and disable the module for any specific browser you want.

This is the reason why Privacy Guardian is better than the commonly used cleaning applications, because it doesn’t depend on clearing cookies to preventing tracking. This is something which even VPNs cannot offer you as scripts can be injected on webpages you visit, can still be tracked.

Privacy Guardian can automatically clear your browsing data for you, and this is available from the My Tracks option accessed from the sidebar. You can set up the module to clean up cookies on a schedule which you select. You can disable this option for specific browsers which you don’t want to be cleaned. And set them to manual mode. Or you could add websites to the whitelist, to prevent the program from deleting the cookies. There is a button called clear data, which you can use to clear the cookies manually.

The Private Search option in iolo Privacy Guardian, can be used for searching the internet anonymously, thanks to the popular and highly secure DuckDuckGo Search Engine. This ensures that your personal information from your online searches is never collected, sold or shared with other websites, for total discretion. This is what privacy really means, and what we deserve.

iolo Privacy Guardian Coupon Code

The extension or add-on as you may call it, for Privacy Guardian is available for all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer work without the extensions, as they do not depend on these like the other browsers do, for enabling software level features to work. During our testing, we found that the program also works with derivatives of browsers like Chrome, such as Opera and Vivaldi, and likewise on Firefox based browsers such as Waterfox.

Privacy Guardian works with all versions of Windows from Windows 7 and above, and supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems. There is a free version of the program, which you can try before buying the premium version. Take back what is rightfully yours, your privacy. That is what iolo Privacy Guardian is all about.

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